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Update: E3 is today, June 12, 2021, at 19:00 UTC! Please review our new guidelines below in the meantime. The livestream can be watched on YouTube here! Now onto the original blog.

Hello, everyone! With E3 happening in under two weeks, that means that it is most likely time for Just Dance 2022. We cannot guarantee that JD2022 will be revealed though. Regardless, we would like to announce some minor changes to the rules and I would also like to give a rundown of some of the basics to the wiki for anyone new here or for anyone who was not here during a previous E3.

New Image Policy

Don't panic, this change is not as big as it sounds. We have consolidated all the rules relating to images onto one page. With the exception of a couple rules that I go over in detail below, these rules are just a consolidation of our existing rules combined with some rules that were only implied and not explicitly stated as well as some that were in the Fandom terms of service. Again, there is no major change here. We were already basically enforcing these rules, this is just an update to reflect this. Similar to the roleplay rule, these were already implied by other rules we are just explicitly stating them.

The two new rules are the implementation of licensing templates and image descriptions. I've been working on these for almost a year now at this point and I have finally gotten around to discussing this and making it official.

Picking a licensing template is simple. When you go to upload an image you will see a drop-down menu. Pick whichever kind of image is from the list and the appropriate template will appear on the image page automatically. If you do not see a corresponding option on the list, pick the closest one. If the kind of image is common enough, we will add it to the list. This is required for all images.

Image descriptions is the second new rule. This is just putting in some basic information about where the image is from, when it was taken, and what it will be used for. This is especially important during the period of time between the reveal of the game and the release of the game. This will allow us to better keep track of leaks and beta content that usually occurs during this period. Template:Rationale has been created to easily put the relevant information onto images. Place this in the summary field that appears when you upload an image. You do not need to italicize the page title. It is strongly recommended to put this on all images, but this is required for any image where the origin and date uploaded are needed, such as for beta content and promotional materials. This will pay off in the long run if any of this turns out to be beta content.

Slight Tweak to Predictions Rule

I've always been lenient about this, and I think the other staff has been as well, but we are officially allowing people to predict which songs unknown dancers, teasers, and codenames correspond to, provided that it is in the comments section of the correct page. Please see the rules page for the full rule. Full wishlists and predicting songs are still not allowed.

Preparing for E3

Okay that's the new rules out of the way let's get to the fun stuff. Ubisoft will have their Ubisoft Forward conference on June 12, 2021, as part of E3 2021. The conference will be at 19:00 GMT (3:00 PM EDT). The countdown on the home page is counting down to it. Now we cannot guarantee that JD2022 will be revealed it is likely.


Please be sure information comes from a reliable source. Content backed up by known unreliable sources will be deleted. Some people have a tendency to go to extreme lengths to make leaks seem credible for views and attention so all "leaks" need to come from a reliable source. Anything from an unreliable source or other non-Ubisoft third party should be verified. Try and find where the unreliable source got the information. Please provide links. Screenshots are appreciated but since those can easily be faked please provide a link to whatever page the information was on and if possible back it up in the Web Archive. Please use the above image rule regarding descriptions any time you are uploading a pic of a leak.

Creating pages

Please use the article skeleton when creating pages. This puts in the basic structure of the article for you. All you have to do is fill in the relavent information. Do not just create a page with just a blank skeleton. Be sure to include a source and, you know, actually fill in the song title and artist and whatnot.

Additionally, if a song is revealed that has the same name as an existing song, create the new page at "Song title (artist song)" and let staff rename the old page. For example, if we get "Dynamite" by BTS you would create the page at "Dynamite (BTS song)" and let a staff member rename the existing Dynamite page.

The JD2022 page

This will not be created until the game is officially confirmed. When it is, the tracklist portion of the page will be locked to staff only as it is prone to vandalism.


We typically get a bunch of new people around the announcement of each game, so welcome, new people. Take this time to look through our guides under the guides tab on the top banner. They provide more info than what is covered here. If anyone has any questions, please ask. I will try and answer them, however since this is being sent out to a lot of people I anticipate a lot of comments so please give time for the questions to be answered.