I'm really excited for jd21, and what songs and dances will be in the game. these aren't predictions, these are just things I want.

More Panda & Reindeer Duos.

they did it wrong with Con Calma, so I want to see stuff like Water Me (alt.) instead. con calma was a bad routine, but not because of the panda and reindeer. because it was just a trash choreo. i would like to see them return.

Any Doja or Dua song

both of those artists have never released a bad song. i would pretty much like any song from hot pink or future nostalgia. my bets would be on Say So, and Physical.

A New Menu

i love the jd19 and jd20 menu, but i want a change. it dosen't have to be a completely new menu. a new color, or menu music would be fine.

More Than 40 Songs

i know due to COVID_19 it's hard to record dances. but its still okay to wish. 45 would be nice. 50 i feel would be too much.

Harder Dances

i feel like jd20 had more repetitive dances than ever. with stuff like tacky tacky, and FAILURE. i want more dances like they're from 2014.

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