• Boring. Same as 2019 with only Co-op and All Stars added to it.


All Stars

This mode is cute and all... but is meh to say the least. While I praise that we get 10 Unlimited routines for free... they are just the ones in the background of High Hopes.



  • Melanie Martinez in Dollhouse who
  • The song and coach are amazing and the coach fits the music video of said song
  • Routine is extremely lackluster and could of been a smidge better

7 rings

  • Yet another Ari song? Come on, it is just boring
  • The coaches are cool I guess. Though P3 and P2 should of been swapped. I feel p3 fits the main dancer better.
  • Julie Andrews was robbed.


  • What even is this song?
  • What even is the background?!?!
  • Are they teachers?

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

  • Never expected to see Monty Python in any dancing game
  • Totally thought Cthulhu was a kids routine.

Baby Shark

  • I actually like this routine.
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