• I live in the crusty crap
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is is the same yours
  • I am a sponge
  • Hatemeredoo

    old town road: i like it its not my favorite i have no problem with it

    baby shark:i have no problem with the song being in just dance i dont see why it geta a lot of hate

    taki taki: its great not what i expected i thought it would be a quadret 

    I AM THE BEST: this is my favorite gamescom reveal it did better tha kill this love

    fit but you know it: i dont like the song or hate it idk what say about it but resmember when some of the comunity thought the coach was taki taki

    tel aviv: i dont have an opinoin of the song

    my new swag: idk why but i watched the preview multiple times i think im adicted to the song 

    so depois do canival: i like the dance i wonder who was the person who showed the dance in the place where the dance was playing

    just an illus…

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