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    JDSC:The Revive!Volume 1.

    September 23, 2018 by JDLOVER2957

    Hi everyone!How's it going.So,today i was looking in my computer folders and i found out that i had all of the JD2015 Squares.This inspired me to revive a series that i really liked made from the inactive Mabbit.Woods.So,I Decided to make JD2015 The first game to do the tournament!

    • The first part of the tournament,where half of the competition will be rejected,are two song battles.They can be:
      • Solos
      • Male Solos
      • Female Solos
      • Trios
      • Duets
      • Couple Duets
      • Male/Male Duets
      • Female/Female Duets
      • Dance Crews
      • Mixed
    • The same battle can't be done moree than two times in a row(for example:There can't be 3 dance crew battles in a row.)
    • Once the phase ends,there will be three-song battles
    • Then,four-song battles.
    • If all songs don't fit(for example:There are 31 songs at the t…

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    Ok,So,this is the start of a new series,where I do a Top 10 Songs of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll games!(keep in mind that's just my opinion),and I am doing this because no one does it.I am creating right now what you are reading so if this was a video I Would say it's unscripted, got it,let's move on to the TOP 10 BEST...JD1 SONGS!

    Number 10.....


    So,the song is good and the dancer gives me summer vibes that are also gotten from the background.I'm putting it only at number ten because the choreography could've been better at some points but it is still good and gives me the summer vibes it has to!Unlike the next entry on the list,which is......

    Number 9..........


    Unlike before,this give…

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    Ok,so,i got inspired from another person that made the same thing,except this time it is with mashups i already created,but i just could not find a way to add them.

    Hot For Me has a mashup in Just Dance 4 that can be unlocked via wheel of gifts,the mashup is available for all consolles

    [x#] indicates a repeated dancer and how many times it is repeated

    • Hot For Me
    • Satellite
    • Proud Mary [x2]
    • Kids in America
    • I'm So Excited
    • I Don't Feel Like Dancing
    • Baby Girl
    • Good Feeling
    • Bebe
    • I'm So Excited
    • A Little Less Conversation
    • Pump It
    • Crying Blood
    • I'm So Excited
    • Pump It
    • Lump
    • I'm So Excited
    • Barbra Streisand(Extreme)
    • Beat Match Until I'm Blue
    • I'm So Excited
    • Barbra Streis​​​​​​​and
    • Cheesy Cha Cha
    • Call Me
    • Hot For Me

    Everybody Needs Somebody To Love has an unlockable duet mashup.

    -} Mea…

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    This blog is created because i will go at a Katy Perry concert,and i want to celebrate it with my opinions on JD2018 and unlimited exclusives,And if it isn't enough,i will...MAKE A DOUBLE Q/A!!!!!!!!!!!

    like it,made well,especially,I love the loading screen,but let's say that,as the background changes,my opinion on it does too,in the fact:in the start,it's a golden hall that i enjoy,but the second background is...meh,then it shows a part with many gold bars that is just a bit better,the fourth background is the one that i'm liking the more,not counting the changing scene where it changes to the "golden paradise"

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    Flipline dancers

    November 28, 2017 by JDLOVER2957

    Enjoy Them And Request!

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