I've discovered this very wiki of the franchise since I became infatuated with JD, which is how I actually found out about Fandom. Looking back, the wiki seemed pretty small, but with the eventual boom of social media, and attracting a lot more fans than before, I can say that the Wiki/Discord community has been a little... chaotic. Now do I like the Just Dance fanbase as a whole? Yes, I think the fanbase is pretty harmless, but I can't bring to mind that it's this one part of the community that manages to be so toxic. I mean, ever since 2018(?) the fans make so many nasty choices that doesn't have anything to do with Just Dance. I mean I get it, we're teens being total attention w****s not knowing any better, but sometimes they just take stuff too far, to the point of drama. It's as expected from any music fandom, although not all fans act like this. There's people bound to go apes*** over leaks, as if they were some sort of necessity that are favored over the annual songlist itself. There's a crackpot of mods that the fans here make, and even they can't escape the drama. If you're into game modding unlike me, there's a small chance that you could actually get doxxed over something petty, like somebody accusing you of stealing their work. And speaking of doxxing, it's basically how the fans get revenge on somebody over drama related bullcrap. On Discord, I always think that they think that just because they're on an app that offers anonymity, it means that they can say the most shocking s**t, and that was before rules were imposed on the server. The community is also split up into different types of cliques, and get into rivalries with each other. It really makes me question why fans would spend their free time talking s***, whether or not it's aimed towards the series. It's sort of a s**tshow for a newcomer to find out about the fandom, only to get ambushed by either unrelated drama, or other fans expecting you to "catch up", or any other misunderstandings. It's like ever since with the growth and reliance of social media, fans can be a piece of work to others, while also trying to justify it as their "personality". And I know that stuff like TikTok can really mess up someones attention span. I don't know, either I have a screw loose or the fans here are really messed up, and I know that some of them have shown to be sane in some way, but others seem to have a twisted mindset. Like I said, a huge majority are teens who are influenced to do immature things, to act like what other fans are like in a fandom, and basically just being somebody that they're not instead of expressing themselves. Stuff like that makes it harder for me to be myself properly, and rather force myself to conform into whatever behavior the fans act. I like the productiveness of this series community as a whole, but the vibe gets killed here, though. Anyways that was just a little rant I gotta get off my chest.

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