We're back for this month's edition of Article of the Month! In case you weren't already familiar with the New Rules, the admins have been given the power to nominate. This was done with the intention of ensuring that whichever article goes on the homepage has been written to an acceptable standard, instead of an article that was nominated simply for recency.

However, the rest of the voting procedure will continue as usual: The community will have 2 nominations, which they can use to vote on any of the articles the admins have nominated (it's a big bunch, so there are definitely options).

Each user can give one nomination to one article, and they can do this twice. That user is expected to have been on this Wiki for 30 days or more, with at least 20 total edits up to the 30 days before the nomination (so if you're nominating in March for the April edition, you are expected to have made at least 20 edits from January 30 to February 28.)

By the final week, the articles with the most nominations will be up for voting on the homepage.

Hopefully the rules are easy to understand; let's get to nominating!



Break Free

FANTASTIC BABY (Japanese Version)

Got That

Livin’ la Vida Loca

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Super Bass


The Power

What Lovers Do

Worth It

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