Last Time...

  • Con Altura: (angry) Don't "hello, mi amor" me! I saw you with Error the other day.

Familiar: Look, Con Altura, no es lo que parece!

Con Altura: Y eso es!

Familiar: (shocked gasp) ¿Besas a tu madre con esa boca?

'C'on Altura: Aunque todavía te amo. (Kisses Familiar) But you being mi amor, is no more. (walks away)

  • Shape Of You: (phone rings ; picks up phone) Hello?

Keep In Touch: (on phone) Guess what? I have a boyfriend!

Shape Of You: (hangs up phone) What?

ummm the episode i guess?

(at Con Altura's house)

Mayores: I don't think I've ever been here before? Your house is very nice, definetly better than mine.

Con Altura: You're welcom-

Mayores: (phone rings ; Mayores picks up phone?) Hello? (pauses) Yes, I'm at her house. (pauses) No we're busy right now! I'm sorry,. (pauses) I know you don't like her, but you also stole her boyfriend. (pauses) You had the choice to break up with him! (pauses) Yes. You. Could've. (pause) Yes, of course she's mad! Y'know what? (hangs up)

Con Altura: You know what? I'm gonna talk to her.

Mayores: That works out for me. A new student joined our school, and wants to join the cheerleading team. All I know is that her name is Crayon, and she's starting school next week. I'll have to do a home audition, but hey, anything to keep my mind off of Panini (sigh)

Con Altura: Well good luck! Have fun!

(at Keep In Touch's house)

Keep In Touch: (cuddling with Panini while watching tv ; talks in lovey-dovey voice) Hi boyfriend.

Panini: (talks in lovey-dovey voice) Hi boyfriend.

Keep In Touch: (talks in lovey-dovey voice) I love you, my boyfriend.

Panini: (talks in lovey-dovey voice) I love you too, my boyfriend.

Keep In Touch & Panini: (Happily sigh) 

Panini: Hey sweetie, will I ever get to meet Shape Of You? I know he's your best friend, well other than me, of course, but you aren't dating him so...

Keep In Touch: Maybe we can meet him today! I haven't seen him in a while, he's always going on and on, about this stupid murder case. we're high schoolers, not crime-solvers! 

Panini: True, true.

(At Error's house ; door bell rings)

Error: That must be Familiar wanting to surprise me! (opens door) Oh. You.

Con Altura: (looks disaprovingly) Hello.

Error: Look, if this is about Familar, then please don't get mad.

Con Altura: Girl, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at him. First of all, it was his idea to keep our relationship a secret, and then uses that to ask out you, and who knows how many other girls-

Error: I asked him out.

Con Altura: He still said yes.

Error: I see what you mean.

(at Crayon's house ; door bell rings)

Mayores: I can't wait to meet the new girl!

Crayon: (opens door) Hello!

Mayores: Oh hi! I'm looking for your sister, Crayon, where is she?

Crayon: I don't have a sister named Crayon. Why would my sister have the same name as me?

Mayores: (stares blankly) Oh! You're a boy! We've never had a boy on the cheerleading team before!

Crayons: Never?

Mayores: Nope.

Crayon: Well, I guess I'll be the first! That's exciting!

Mayores: Well how about we get to know each other first.

Crayon: Alright.

Mayores: So what do you like?

Crayon: Well I love dancing, and cheer leading, I also love doing graffiti. I hope its legal here, cause it used to be in my old town, it was an art town by the bay, and it was so nice.

Mayores: Speaking of, what was your old life like?

Crayon: Well I used to be co-head cheerleader with my ex-girlfriend, and I was also head of the painting club.

Mayores: Oh, why did you two break up?

Crayon: What does that have to do with cheerleading?

Mayores: Just trying to understand your life.

Crayon: It was an amicible split, we didn't want to be one of those couples that tries to make long-distance work, so we just split.

Mayores: Too bad. Well anyways we have to get working, so let's get to work!

(at the Rockwell Diner)

Shape Of You: Wow Keep In Touch, we haven't been here in a while. What's the occasion?

Keep In Touch: Welll...

Panini: (walks inside the diner) Hey guys!

Shape Of You: So you want me to meet your boyfriend?

Keep In Touch: Is there something wrong with that?

Shape Of You: Well...

Panini: (sits down) Hey! How's it hanging?

Shape Of You: Hi nice to meet you! 

Keep In Touch: Looks like this will go better than I thought!

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