Hello everyone!

About a year ago, my activity on this wiki significantly decreased. During that time, for a lot of reasons so much has changed; I've been enjoying real life so much more and, in spite of ups and downs, I've had a lot of the best times of my life, and I've never been myself as much as within the last year.

My interest in Just Dance has also been fading, and I've been much more into other stuff. As we develop, the things that we love and that are important for us change too, so that we can keep finding our own way and make our lives what we would want them to be. I believe that the things we have, we go through, serve different purposes in our lives, and since not everything is lifelong, sometimes doors close, but then new doors are open.

For that reason, I have decided to leave this wiki and consequently resign from my admin position. Even though there are many new users who might have not come across me, I would like to thank everyone who made me feel welcome here and who made this place play an important role in my life. Now I feel like I need to move on to open to what the future has in store and carry on with and focus on where I desire to go.

Thank you for reading and understanding,



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