Starring Just Dance coaches. I don't know if it will last for long, but at least I hope I'll have some fun.. :). And yes, I know it's weird :D

This blog shows the first episode of this TV series. Link to the second season.

Episode 1

Everything starts at Olly's Diner (the place from Troublemaker's background) where Troublemaker works as a waiter. Turn Up The Love P1 and P2 come, and order something to drink. Suddenly, We Can't Stop comes in.

We Can't Stop: Hello everyone! There is a big party at my house, you should join!

Turn Up The Love (P1): Sure!

Turn Up The Love (P2): Of course! Troublemaker, do you want to come with us?

Troublemaker: Sorry guys, but I have to stay here the whole night, my boss will be mad if he notices I'm not here, even though he's coming next week.

TUTLP2: So you see, you can leave it. Just leave a message saying you'll be back in 5 minutes. It should be fine. C'mon, let's go!

Troublemaker: Umm, okay..

Everyone leaves the diner, leaving it open. Later, at the party, Mashed Potato Time is a waitress.

Mashed Potato Time: Would you like anything to drink?

Uptown Funk (C3): I'll have a cup of tea, please.

MPT: Excuse me?

UFC3: A cup of tea.

Everyone stares at Uptown Funk (C3)

UFC3: What do you all mean?

Till I Find You: Did you seriously just say "cup"? How dare you?! No language like this here!

Uptown Funk (C3) gets kicked out of the party. Later, feeling quite awkward, Uptown Funk (C3) goes to Olly's Diner just to calm down. When he enters the diner, he notices Heartbeat Song as the only person in the building.

Uptown Funk (C3): What are you doing here? Do you realise you're the only person here, and no one will serve you?

Heartbeat Song: I know. I broke up with Troublemaker last month. I go here every day, order nothing, and just sit here to make him feel ashamed.

Uptown Funk (C3) reminds himself that Troublemaker was one of the people who decided to kick him out of the party.

UFC3: I think I know how I can help you..

(twinkles at Heartbeat song).

Now, let's go back to the party and see what's up. I Gotta Feeling comes in.

I Gotta Feeling: I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night!

We Can't Stop: Welcome, it already is!

IGF: That tonight's gonna be a good night.

WCS: Okay, we get it.

IGF: It's gonna be good, because I'll eat you all!

Everyone is scared, and runs away. I Gotta Feeling stays there.

The end of episode 1.

Episode 2

Everyone is scared, but there might be no one who's more scared than Troublemaker, because I Gotta Feeling is his boss. Troublemaker is afraid he will get fired, so he comes back to Olly's Diner. At the door, he notices a poster of Heartbeat Song saying "Now we got bad blood". Troublemaker comes in, and everything is as fine as before he left. He turns on TV, watches "Breaking news", and sees We Can't Stop in the front of her house, crowds of people, and I Gotta Feeling blocking the entrance.

We Can't Stop (on TV): Anyone! Please help me! There is a panda in my house that threatens me to get eaten if I enter my house! I spent the whole night outside, I don't want to be homeless!

Troublemaker: I wish I could help her, but I have to stay here, so I won't lose my job.

Now, let's see more exactly what's new near We Can't Stop's house. Kaboom Pow arrives, and is about to fight with I Gotta Feeling.

Kaboom Pow: Tonight we're going 24 hours!

I Gotta Feeling: RAH!

Kaboom Pow screams and flies away. Best Song Ever arrive

Best Song Ever (all coaches) (to We Can't Stop): How can we help you?

We Can't Stop tries to reply, but then from the crowd...

No Control (all coaches): Best Song Ever, you suck! We're a better 1D song!

BSE (to We Can't Stop): Sorry, but we'll have to deal with them first.

We Can't Stop: No! What will I do?

Till I Find You: I'll ask Dark Horse for help. She's a wizard.

Till I Find You walks miles away to Dark Horse. Later, when he comes to Egipt, Dark Horse is on a throne.

Dark Horse: I knew you were, you were gonna come to me.

Till I Find You: Everyone knows that, did you watch TV?

DK: And here you are, but you better choose carefully.

TIFY: Okay, I'll choose carefully.

DK: Cause I'm, I'm capable of anything.

TIFY: Okay, I get it! Can you please now...

DK: Shut up!

Dark Horse changes Till I Find You into a dog (Chihuahua), like Katy Perry does in the music video for Dark Horse. After that, Till I Find You goes back to the town to ask others to help him. Unfortunately, he meets some workers of a shop with dogs who steal him and put him on sale. At the same time, Chiwawa (the coach, not dog) has another bad day.

Chiwawa: Oh my goodness, I've just stepped on my 5000th Chihuahua! I must buy another one!

At the shop.

Who Let The Dogs Out (aka shop assistant): How can I help you?

Chiwawa: I-W-A-N-T-A-C-H-I-W-A-W-A

WLTDO: What?

Chiwawa: I want a Chiwawa!

WTLDO: Wait, didn't you buy one like 3 hours ago? Nevermind...

Sells the dog (that is actually Till I Find You changed into a dog). Chiwawa and her dog leave the shop, she calls him "Harold". In the beginning she holds him in her hands, but then he jumps out of her hands, and runs to We Can't Stop's house. Chiwawa tries to chase him, but he's too fast. When he's very near to the house, it seems like he's about to bite the panda.

Chiwawa: Harold, no! I've had you like for 5 minutes, I don't want you to get eaten so fast!

When the dog is really near to I Gotta Feeling, the panda gets very scared, and everyone finds out it's actually Uptown Funk (C3) wearing a costume.

Someone in the crowd: That's the sinner who said "cup" at yesterday's party! We need torches!

Uptown Funk (C3): I'm sorry, I did it... because... that motherfrickin' Heartbeat Song wanted to revenge! Blame it on her!

Heartbeat Song: What? What are you saying?! It was your idea!

Chihuahua converts back into Till I Find You and We Can't Stop thanks him for his help. Uptown Funk (C3) gets deported from the city.

The end of episode 2.

Episode 3

After Uptown Funk (C3) gets deported, he goes to a gas station. When he arrives, he notices two trucks - both belong to the coaches from When The Rain Begins To Fall. The back of one of these trucks has a caption "Donuts".

Uptown Funk (C3): Donuts?! I need to get them!

Uptown Funk (C3) steals the truck. Later, so as not to make others find out he stole this truck, he replaces the caption "Donuts" by "CupTruck". Let's go back to the gas station.

When The Rain Begins To Fall (P1): Oh no! Someone has stolen our truck! What will we do?

When The Rain Begins To Fall (P2): Take it easy, we've got another one.

WTRBTF (P1): But these donuts are stuffed with cocaine! We might get into trouble!

WTRBTF (P2): No! Why didn't you tell me earlier? Let's run away!

Both coaches run away. Uptown Funk (C3) notices that the Timber coaches are in the truck.

Uptown Funk (C3): No! What are you doing here? You're currently wanted. Should I call the police? Get away!

Timber (P1): Don't worry, we want to help you.

UF(C3): How?

Timber (P1): We know you've got deported from your town. Let's make a Cup Parade! No one should be punished for using this word!

Timber (P1) makes a digital poster that she posts on social networks:

"Cup Parade!

Join our Cup Parade and get free donuts!"

Shortly after, the trend #CupParade becomes #1 on Twitter. The parade begins. The truck that Uptown Funk has stolen is placed in the middle of the road, so no cars can interlude. Drop The Mambo dances on the top of the truck. Everyone shouts "Cup! Cup! Cup! Cup!"

Problem: Where are mah donuts? I want to lick them!

Uptown Funk (C3): Not yet, after the parade ends.

Both When The Rain Begins To Fall coaches drive their only truck as fast as they can to run away. Sadly they don't notice the stolen truck on the road, and they accidentally hit it. As a result, the CupTruck opens, and the donuts are now accessible.

Taste The Feeling: No one can stop me when I taste the feeling, nothing could ever bring me down!

Taste The Feeling tastes the donuts first, and then he gets high. After that, Uptown Funk (C3), Timber (both coaches), and When The Rain Begins To Fall (both coaches) get arrested.

The end of episode 3.

Episode 4

In a prison. Everyone who has got arrested is behind bars. Man Down is behind bars on the other side. Circus (Extreme) keeps an eye on them.

Uptown Funk (C3): Man Down? Why did you get arrested?

Man Down: Oh mama, mama, mama, I just shot a man down.

Circus (Extreme): Hey guys, do you want to break free?

UF (C3): Yes! Can you help us?

Circus (X): There are only two types of guys out there. The ones who play with me, and the ones that are scared.

UF (C3): Eww, you're nasty..

Circus (X): C'mon, we can make this prison just like a circus.

UF (C3): You're not worth it..

Worth It joins

Worth It: Did somebody say "worth it'"?!

UF (C3): Me!

WI: Give it to me I'm worth it. Baby I'm worth it. I'm worth it. Gimme gimme I'm worth it.

UF (C3): No! You scare me...

WI: Show me what you got, cuz I don't wanna waste my time.

UF (C3): Another pervert.

WI: And if you don't have a clue, I'll tell you what to do.

Circus (X): C'mon, Worth It! Uptown Funk is mine!

Timber (P2): I think Circus needs a sugar daddy.

Timber (P1): Yeah, I'll call one.

A minute later

What Is Love: What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more.

Circus (X): Wow, you are sweet. Do you have a lot of money?

WIL: Yes, a lot of money.

What Is Love shows her his moves

Circus (X): I could barely breathe! Let's go home!

WIL: Sure!

New lovers leave the prison and go home together.

UF (C3): Wait, we haven't broken free yet!

WI: I'll help you.

Worth It opens the door

UF (C3): Thank you Worth It!

WI: Don't worry, now come with me babe.

Worth It kidnaps Uptown Funk (C3).

When The Rain Begins To Fall (P2): Wait, shouldn't we help him?

When The Rain Begins To Fall (P1): No. I've actually never cared about this she-dog.

WTRBTF (P2): K then.

The group leaves the prison.

Man Down: Hello?! Can anyone release me?!

The lights are turned off.

The end of episode 4.

Episode 5

After being kidnapped, Uptown Funk (C3) wakes up in a cradle

Uptown Funk (C3): Where am I? Can anyone help me?

Worth It: You are mine.

Worth It puts a soother into his mouth.

Let's see what's up near the prison.

When The Rain Begins To Fall (P2): I think we should inform citizens of the city about Worth It kidnapping Uptown Funk (C3). Maybe someone will care about him.

When The Rain Begins To Fall (P1): But... we can't. We're not supposed to be seen in the city. They may call the police. Somebody should do this though.

Timber (P2): Let me do that. I'm not the only panda. I'll disappear shortly later.

WTRBTF (P1): All right then.

Later, at the town.

Timber (P2): Guys, I have news! Uptown Funk (C3) has been kidnapped by Worth It!

I Love It (Alternate) (both coaches): I don't care

Problem: Yes! We've got one less problem without him.

Everyone doesn't seem to be interested, except for Uptown Funk (C4).

Uptown Funk (C4): Can I help you?

Timber (P2): Why do you even care?

UF (C4): He's my crush.

Timber (P2): That's nice, but Worth It is too strong. We can't handle her power.

Uptown Funk (C4) sighs.

Timber (P2): Wait, I have an idea! This may not work, but let's try!

Timber (P2) calls Circus (Extreme).

Circus (Extreme): What do you want from me?

Timber (P2): There is someone you need to help. Worth It kidnapped Uptown Funk (C3).

Circus (X): I don't have time for that. I'm spending time with my babe.

Timber (P2): Do you want your boss to know you're not at work?

Circus (X): Of course not! See you near the monuments!

Timber (P2), Uptown Funk (C4), and Circus (Extreme) go to the Worth It background, where they meet her.

Circus (Extreme): Worth It, you are officially arrested for kidnapping Uptown Funk (C3)!

Worth It: There is no way you can arrest me!

Worth It uses her power and starts shooting. Each shot changes anyone into a monument. Circus (Extreme) and Timber (P2) get shot by her, but Uptown Funk (C4) hides.

Worth It: Two new monuments to my collection. Nice.

Uptown Funk (C4) crying: What will I do?

The end of episode 5.

Episode 6

Morning. As usually, P2 of Hit The Road Jack has a problem with P1.

Hit The Road Jack (P2): Hit the road Jack! And don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

Hit The Road Jack (P1): What's wrong again?

HTRJ (P2): You forgot to go to the shop yesterday again! Now, what can I cook for dinner? Go away, and come back until you bring me something!

Hit The Road Jack P2 throws Hit The Road Jack P1 out the door. Uptown Funk (C4) wakes up and listens to a conversation.

Worth It: I need some vegetables. Chicken Payback, give me some!

Chicken Payback: Sure!

Uptown Funk (C4) runs to Chicken Payback fast.

Uptown Funk (C4): Chicken Payback! I need your help!

CP: Yes, lady?

UF (C4): This time you are gonna deliver large vegetables.

Winks at him.

Uptown Funk (C4) gets the P1 and P3 of Popipo to help her release Uptown Funk (C3).

Uptown Funk (C4): Okay, veggies. Chicken Payback will seek for Worth It's attention, and you will try to find Uptown Funk (C3). Got it? Here you go!

Chicken Payback delivers the vegetables.

Chicken Payback: Hello madam. Here you've got your vegetables.

Worth It: They are so large! How is it possible?

Worth It leaves the vegetables in the kitchen, and goes back to Chicken Payback to listen to his explanation. During their conversation. the vegetables try to find Uptown Funk (C3). They can hear him, and are about to open the door of the room he is in.

Popipo (P1): No! The doors are closed.

Worth It to Chicken Payback: Wait. It seems like I can hear someone talking.

Popipo (P3) to P1 : Lay down!

Worth It: Veggies? How are you moving? I remember you were lying on the table. I'm confused. Oh, Chicken Payback, I guess you are stalking me.

Worth It changes Chicken Payback and the vegetables into monuments.

Uptown Funk (P4): No. This is getting more and more horrible. I guess I'll need someone who's got power to vandalize this place.

Balkan Blast Remix P4 (who is a pig) realises that he will be fought by the other dancers of that song again, thus he runs away, and others chase him. He also takes one TNT with himself to use against his enemies. Uptown Funk (C4) and Hit The Road Jack (P1) both notice the pig.

Hit The Road Jack (P1) to the pig: You! I need you! Finally my wife will have something to cook! I gotta get you!

Uptown Funk (P4): But I'm hungry too.

Balkan Blast Remix (P4): Are you okay?! Also, I'm running away, I don't have time to talk to you.

The pig still runs away. However, he notices there's a wall in front of him (which belongs to the room Uptown Funk (C3) is locked in). Not knowing what to do, he stands near the wall, holding the TNT. At the same time, the other Balkan Blast Remix dancers notice him, and P2 (who is a bomb) is thrown from a catapult. The bomb hits the pig, and explodes. Then one of the room's walls gets destroyed, as well as one of big monuments (that can be seen in Worth It's background). The explosion makes Worth It fall down. Everyone who was changed into a monument revives. Uptown Funk (C3) gets released.

Worth It barely talking: Do you see what you have done?!

Timber (P2): Yes, we defeated you.

Uptown Funk (C3): And you're not gonna kidnap me again!

Worth It: No. There's a story you should know. I used to have wars with Dark Horse. In the end, she gave me these two monuments which give her glory, and told me she would give me a break, but only in one condition. She forced me to keep these monuments, in order to live in peace. But now that you destroyed one of them, you horribly insulted her. Now we both are gonna regret this. Prepare for another war, and you will also be involved.

The end of episode 6.

Episode 7

Everyone is shocked because of the upcoming war, although they are unsure if Dark Horse is aware of what happened.

Uptown Funk (C3): Worth It, you're a goddess, I'm certain you can defeat her.

Worth It: I don't think so. She's a goddess as well, and she's better at magic.

Timber (P2): Okay, I guess we should forget about what happened and team up against her.

Uptown Funk (C4): Angry Birds could help us.

Uptown Funk (C4) looks around.

UF (C4): Wait, they're not here!

Circus (Extreme): Let's hide in the prison! There should be no reason she would expect us to be there.

Worth It: Good idea! Let's go there ASAP!

Rumors about one of Dark Horse's monuments are intensively shared and Dark Horse is ready to attack Worth It and others. However, she doesn't know where they are, and looks for them in the city with her army.

Dark Horse (P2): Hello. Do you maybe know where Worth It is?

Hips Don't Lie: I don't know.

DK (P2): Are you sure?

HDL: Yes, my hips don't lie!

DK (P2): You're strange... Army, get her!

HDL: No! I didn't do anything, help!

There are many people who see it, but no one dares to help her, since Dark Horse is too strong. At the same time, Worth It and her group arrive at the prison. They hide in a cell which is next to Man Down's, a girl who is mad at them all after they left her in the prison and went away.

Man Down: Wowowow.. Who I get to see here. The guys who left me here, and made me live the same nightmare again.

Timber (P2): Sorry Man Down, I guess.

Man Down: Really? That is all you can do? Uhum...

Circus (Extreme): Don't worry about her, she's here for a reason. Also, I'm too lazy to release her, lol.

Worth It: Whatever...

The group talks about the whole situation with Dark Horse. Man Down listens to them. Then, to have a revenge, Man Down takes a picture of herself with others in the background. Later, she posts it on Instagram, adding a description "Another day here. @DarkHorse What's up? I'm currently seeing your enemies." She also adds the prison's location. The post goes viral, and Dark Horse knows where to go.

Worth It: Wow, why am I getting so many Instagram and Twitter notifications? Oh no, Man Down! I can't believe she's done it!

Uptown Funk (C4): What happened? Let me see.

Everyone reads the post and gets shocked.

Uptown Funk (C3): No! You really... I can't... Let's go away!

Worth It changes Man Down into a monument and everyone goes away. They decide to hide in a cave which is near the prison.

Worth It: You Never Can Tell, can we please hide in your cave? Let us, please.

Never Can Tell (P1): What? A goddess wants to live in my cave? Come in!

Never Can Tell (P2) faints because of being surprised a goddess is in her poor cave.

NCT (P1) to others seing his wife fainting: Don't worry, it's normal!

Worth It: But one thing, do not tell anyone we're here!

NCT (P1): Why?

Worth It: Because... uhm... paparazzi

NC1 (P1): Oh, sure! I understand.

Timber (P2) silently to Worth It: Uhm, why paparazzi?

Worth It: You know, he'd better not know Dark Horse is looking for me?

Timber (P2): Oh...

The end of episode 7.

Episode 8

Shortly after the group enters the cave, Dark Horse arrives at the prison where she finds Man Down. She changes her back to a human.

Dark Horse (P2): Where is Worth It? Where Is Worth It?!

Man Down: I don't know. She changed me into a monument.

DK (P2): Well, I believe you, because I saw you looking this way. I still have to find her. Stupid witch. Thank you for sharing information about her.

Man Down: You're welcome.

Hips Don't Lie: I need to go to a toilet. I really do.

DK (P2): All right. P1, go with her, and later join me looking for Worth It. See you, Man Down.

A while later...

Man Down: No! I forgot to ask her to release me.

In the toilet.

HDL: Dark Horse P1, you can go first.

When Dark Horse (P1) enters the toilet, Hips Don't Lie ties his arms using some toilet paper.

HDL: Now it's time for my victory twerk!

Dark Horse (P1): What?!

Hips Don't Lie starts twerking.

HDL: Now watch me twerk, watch me Nae Nae.

DK (P1): Please don't do that!

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) (P2): Did someone say "Watch me Nae Nae"?

Watch Me (P3): I guess so!

HDL: Guys, what are you doing here?

Watch Me (P1): This prison's security is dumb. Everyone can easily visit it like a mall.

HDL: Haha, true that! You are awesome!

Watch Me (P4): Now, let's dance!

Hips Don't Lie and Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) dance while making fun of Dark Horse (P1). At the same time...

Dark Horse (P2): I know Worth It will be somewhere here. She couldn't have gone far away in such a short amount of time. Let's have a look at this cave.

Dark Horse (P2) enters the cave. Then, she uses a magical spell that makes everyone unable to tell lies.

DK (P2): Is Worth It here?

You Never Can Tell (P1): Yes.

DK (P2): How are you, Worth It? Did you really think I'd let you slide?

Dark Horse (P2) is about to get close to Worth It and then the ground explodes.

The end of episode 8.

Episode 9

Worth It is in an unknown place. She wakes up, emerging from water, and doesn't know what's happening.

Some voice: Worth It? Worth It?

Worth It: What? Did Dark Horse kill me?

The voice turns out to be the Lights coach.

Lights: No.

WI: What am I doing here then?

Lights: Calm down, and listen carefully. I'm not gonna do anything wrong to you. Are you a goddess?

WI: Yes.

Lights: Why are you afraid of Dark Horse then?

WI: She's got magic.

Lights: You have got magic too. Listen, you need to be more confident and believe in yourself. You are strong and don't give up. Dark Horse didn't cause the explosion, I did. I live here in a different world, but I observe what happens in the world you live, and I feel very bad for your lack of confidence, so I wanted to help you. Dark Horse is good at magic, but there's a magical spell that is stronger than her, and I'll teach you it.

Lights teaches Worth It the spell.

Lights: Now go and fight.

Worth It: So I basically have to go back to my place and wait for Dark Horse?

Lights: No. Show her that you are the queen. Don't defend yourself, just fight. And believe in your power. I will be with you.

Worth It: Wait, what happened to my company?

Lights: I swear they're fine. Now go.

Worth It is transported back to the normal world. She considers what Lights told her, and is now self-confident. She directly goes to Dark Horse's background, defeats all army, and sits on Dark Horse's throne, at the time Dark Horse isn't there. Dark Horse arrives at her residence and is certain Worth It is still afraid of her.

Dark Horse (P2): Haha, nice sweetie. Now keep disappearing like all the time.

Worth It: Nothing scares me anymore.

DK (P2): So you wanna play with magic?

WI: No. I am the magic.

Dark Horse is about to cast a spell on Worth It, but then Worth It defends herself.

WI: I know a better spell than you do.

DK (P2): Oh yeah right, show me your "spell".

WI: Cup!

The pyramids open and Dark Horse gets sunk in one of them, where she will be locked. The war is over, and Worth It wins it. Lights goes to the normal world and transports Worth It's company to the place where the war ended.

Lights: So you see, you did it!

Uptown Funk (C3): Wow, Worth It, that was great!

Worth It: I'm sorry for kidnapping you. I won't do this again.

UF (C3): It's okay now. You've saved our lives!

Timber (P2): You're a hero!

WI: Thank you for all these compliments. Also, Uptown Funk (C4), you're a hero too. You tried to save Uptown Funk (C3) from me.

UFC (C3): It was you?

Uptown Funk (C4): Yeah...

Uptown Funk (C4)'s face gets red.

UF (C3): Wow, nice! You're a cool girl!

WI: Aww, you guys fit each other so well. You would be a great couple!

UF (C3): Dinner together tomorrow?

UF (C4): Yeah! I can't believe it's happening.

Everyone goes away, except for Lights and Worth It.

Worth It: Thank you Lights for everything! I don't know what would have happened without you!

Lights: No problem, Worth It. I have some things to do. I have to go back to my world. See you.

Lights and Worth It hug each other.

Worth It: Come back someday. Goodbye!

The end of episode 9.

Episode 10

Sorry has recently had some arguments with his girlfriend. He feels bad for everything that happened, and wants to apologise. However, he's not sure where she lives, and he mistakenly knocks at Hit The Road Jack's door.

Hit The Road Jacks (P2): Who?

Sorry: Is it too late now to say "sorry"? Cause I'm missing more than just your body.

HTRJ (P2): Oh, my man is back. Finally, he brought something for dinner.

Hit The Road Jack (P2) opens the door.

HTRJ (P2): Wait, you're not my husband...

Sorry: Oh wait, wrong house. Sorry.

HTRJ (P2): Wow, you're actually a handsome guy.

Sorry: Thank you.

HTRJ (P2): Who is your girlfriend? Now it's me.

Sorry: But you have a husband.

HTRJ (P2): Doesn't matter! Come in.

Sorry comes in.

HTRJ (P2): Look, I have nothing to cook for dinner!

Sorry: When I'm with you, I don't need dinner.

HTRJ (P2): I feel so flattered right now!

Hit The Road Jack (P2) goes to a bathroom where she stares at a mirror.

HTRJ (P2): Oh, my husband is gonna regret what he did! He hasn't come back for over a day! I'm not that easy, and I won't let him slide!

Hit The Road Jack (P1) finally finds something for dinner and starts missing his wife. He comes back home and knocks at the door and notices the Sorry coach.

Sorry: Sorry dude, but this girl is now mine. Goodbye!

HTRJ (P2) (through the window): Exactly! I'm not yours anymore. Go find another woman!

HTRJ (P1): Oh, you can see that I will! I swear!

Hit The Road Jack (P2) closes the window.

Sorry: Now come to me baby.

After spending some time with Sorry, Hit The Road Jack (P2) goes to the bathroom and talks to the mirror again.

HTRJ (P2): I truly haven't expected such a reaction. I thought he would be very sorry and would try to get me back. But let's see if he will survive without me for long. I don't believe he will.

Hit The Road Jack (P1) said he would find a new woman just to show that she wouldn't make him feel bad and jealous, but he actually feels very bad and visits his friend to tell him about everything.

Isidora: What's up? You don't seem okay.

HTRJ (P1): That's true. My wife, she is freaking out again. Now she even has a new man.

Isidora: Ooh, that's not good. Who is her new guy?

HTRJ (P1): He's Sorry.

Isidora: I thought he was a couple with Same Old Love.

HTRJ (P1): Perhaps they have broken up.

Isidora: Let's tell her about it! Maybe it will lead us to a good plan.

HTRJ (P1): What plan?

Isidora: Time for your revenge! She is having fun, so you can as well!

Hit The Road Jack (P1) and Isidora go to Same Old Love. P1 and P3 of that song are her bodyguards.

Same Old Love (P1): What do you want from Same Old Love?

HTRJ (P1): I need to tell her something important.

The bodyguard lets him see Same Old Love P2.

Same Old Love (P2): What news do you have for me?

HTRJ (P1): Sorry is now Hit The Road Jack (P2)'s boyfriend!

Same Old Love (P2): What?! I'm waiting for him to apologize all the time, all these tears, and he's dating another girl instead? It can't be happening.

HTRJ (P1): It's sadly true though. What about faking being a couple to make them jealous? It could work.

SOL (P2): You look a bit disgusting, but if it's supposed to help me get him back, sure!

The end of episode 10.

Episode 11

In the morning, Sorry and Hit The Road Jack (P2) wake up, and notice Same Old Love (P2) and Hit The Road Jack's picture on Instagram.

Hit The Road Jack (P2) (in her head): I see my plan hasn't worked, but how will I explain Sorry I used him just for my revenge? I'll keep him for a while.

Sorry (in his head): Though Hit The Road Jack (P2) is hot, ugh, I still miss Same Old Love.

HTRJ (P2): Let's post a picture of ourselves kissing each other!

The picture is posted, and the other (fake) couple is shocked.

Same Old Love (P2): It got so intensive after we had posted out selfie? I know this seems to be going too far, but I have an idea.

Hit The Road Jack (P1): What's your idea?

Same Old Love tweets "Guess who just got engaged? @Hittheroadjackp1". Seeing this tweet, Hit The Road Jack (P2) starts crying, and Sorry gets a bit upset too.

Hit The Road Jack (P2): Okay, I'm very sorry to say this, but although I really did like you, I can't deny that one of the reasons I let you live with me was because I wanted to make my husband jealous, I'm sorry.

Sorry: What? So you were cheating on me all the time?! I was completely serious about us.

Hit The Road Jack (P2): But in the beginning, I...

Sorry: All right, there's no time for explanations. I also miss Same Old Love, so let's go there ASAP and prevent them from getting married!

Hit The Road Jack (P2): I guess so!

Hit The Road Jack (P2) and Sorry go to Same Old Love's home fast.

HTRJ (P2): I am sorry, my husband. You are the one that I want, and you're forever mine. Can I have you back?

HTRJ (P1): Umm, sure.

HTRJ (P2): Really? You've got engaged with Same Old Love.

HTRJ (P1): Oh honey, this was all my revenge. We haven't got engaged.

HTRJ (P2): Baby, that's sweet. I love you.

HTRJ (P1): Doesn't change the fact I won, haha.

Hit The Road Jack (P2) and P1 hug each other.

Sorry: Is it too late now to say "sorry"? Cause I'm missing more than just your body.

Same Old Love (P2): I'm so sick of that same old love.

Sorry: I'm sorry!

SOL (P2): Fine. I was waiting for you. Also, I was just trying to make you jealous.

Sorry: You were trying to make me jealous? I'm a human, not a toy. I guess I'll go.

SOL (P2): Wait!

Sorry: Sorry, not sorry.

The Hit The Road Jack couple's minds are made up. However, Sorry and Same Old Love aren't back together.

The end of episode 11.

Episode 12

After the Worth It and Dark Horse war had ended, Uptown Funk (C3) and C4 decided to have dinner together. They meet in the town.

Uptown Funk (C4): Hey! Where shall we have dinner?

Uptown Funk (C3): Wherever you want to!

Uptown Funk (C4): What about Olly's diner?

Uptown Funk (C3) isn't fine with the idea. He isn't on good terms with Troublemaker after the cup incident. Moreover, I Gotta Feeling, whom Uptown Funk (C3) imitated, is the owner of th diner. Uptown Funk (C3) doesn't want to seem picky at his first date with C4.

Uptown Funk (C4): Umm, can be.

The couple goes to the diner and sit by a table. Troublemaker keeps teasing Uptown Funk (C3), but Uptown Funk (C3) doesn't respond, because he doesn't want to make a bad impression on his girlfriend.

Papaoutai (P2): Daddy, is it that man who said "cup"?

Papaoutai (P1): Yes, he is.

Troublemaker: Oh, welcome Uptown Funk (C4) and the cup guy! What would you like to eat, Uptown Funk (C4)?

UF (C4): I'd like french fries with a steak and ketchup. And a bottle of cola with it.

Troublemaker: And for you, cup dude?

UF (C3): I'll have 3 pancakes with chocolate and a cup of coffee.

Troublemaker: Cup? Nice.

Troublemaker prepares the dishes.

UF (C4): Is everything all right between you both? He's messing with you.

UF (C3): I guess so.

A while later.

Troublemaker: Your order is ready!

Troublemaker serves Uptown Funk (C4) her dish.

Troublemaker: There you are.

Troublemaker spills the coffee at Uptown Funk (C3)'s clothes, and pretends he's done it mistakenly.

Uptown Funk (C3): Now, you have crossed the line.

Uptown Funk (C3) stands up and punches Troublemaker's face using a lot of power, then Troublemaker falls down.

Uptown Funk (C3): Don't think I will pay for this dish!

Uptown Funk (C3 and C4) leave the diner and have a walk. Uptown Funk (C3) is technically not allowed to be in the city, and is supposed be at the prison, therefore Troublemaker calls the police, Uptown Funk (C3) gets arrested and goes back to the prison. However, this time, Dragostea Din Tei (P2) is the one who keeps eye on him, and Uptown Funk (C4) visits him.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): I need to order something to eat. I'm hungry.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2) orders pizza.

Uptown Funk (C4): I have an idea.

Uptown Funk (C4) calls the person who delivers pizza.

UF (C4): We No Speak Americano, can you please add a mix of lots of sauces? I'll give you money.

We No Speak Americano: Fine, but if I get fired, you will be responsible for this.

Dragostea Din Tei's pizza arrives. The pizza is full of random sauces and is hard to digest.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): Oh, I feel like I have diarrhea. I need to go to toilet.

Dragostea Din Tei goes to toilet. Then, Uptown Funk (C4) steals keys and releases her boyfriend. Then, they exit the prison.

The end of episode 12.

Episode 13

Note: Due to drug references, this episode might be too inappropriate for you if you are under 13.

Can't Feel My Face hangs out with his friends, then he meets Starships, whom she finds attractive. Starships tries to steal his attention.

Starships: Let's go to the beach-each, let's go get away!

Can't Feel My Face: But I'm going to the cinema with my friends. I can't.

Beauty And A Beat: Yeah, stay with us!

Starships: They say what they gonna say.

Can't Feel My Face: Okay, sorry, but I guess I'll go with Starships.

Good Feeling: Why? You made a promise to go with us!

Starships: He's going with me.

Can't Feel My Face: Sorry.

Can't Feel My Face and Starships go to the beach. Starships is known as a girl who has literal starships and Can't Feel My Face hopes she'll take him to a space trip, but this time she decides to do something different.

Starships: Starships were meant to fly! Hands up and touch the sky!

Can't Feel My Face: But I can see no starships.

Starships: Here you've got some.

Starships gives Can't Feel My Face a bag of something.

CFMF: What is this?

Starships: It's cocaine. This is how we'll get high. It will feel the same way as when you travel in a starship.

CFMF: And I know you'll be the death of me, at least we'll both be numb, and you'll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come.

Starships: But at least we'll both be beautiful and stay forever young.

CFMF: This I know, yeah, this I know.

Starships: Don't you worry about it. Don't worry no more. We both know we can't go without it. You'll never be alone.

Can't Feel My Face and Starships get high.

Can't Feel My Face: I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but I love it, but I love it.

Starships: All the misery was necessary when we're deep in love.

Can't Feel My Face: This I know, girl, this I know.

At the same time, Oishii Oishii (P1) decides to have a walk without his guardian (P2). He notices the pair getting high.

Oishii Oishii (P1): Oh, they are eating sugar! I want to eat sugar!

Oishii Oishii (P1) thinks it's sugar. He likes sugar, sweets etc.

Oishii (P1): I want to eat sugar too! Can I?

Can't Feel My Face and Starships are out of control, therefore they just let him eat it.

Can't Feel My Face: Sure!

Oishii (P1): Oh, it tastes way different than what I usually eat.

Oishii Oishii (P1) is a creature, and it affects him in a different way than them. He suddenly gets very large, so large that he becomes a spacecraft. Can't Feel My Face and Starships enter him and then they fly away.

Oishii (P1): Weeeeeeee! Let's fly away!

After a while, Oishii (P2) finds out that her beloved friend hasn't been with her for a while, and she cries.

Oishii Oishii (P2): Where is my lovely Oishii Oishii (P2)?!

The end of episode 13. Note: this episode doesn't promote drugs, don't try them. They won't help you stay forever beautiful and young. This all was written for fun.

Episode 14

Can't Feel My Face and Oishii Oishii (P1) are high in the air. Oishii Oishii (P2) makes an announcement about the lost friend, containing a picture of herself crying. She is a sweet girl and it makes others sad.

Can't Feel My Face: Let's land here for a while!

Oishii Oishii (P2) lands on the broken part of a satellite where Only You (And You Alone) live.

Starships: I need to go somewhere. I'll be back in a moment.

Can't Feel My Face: I can't breathe here. Let's go somewhere else.

Only You (And You Alone) (P1) enters the starship.

Can't Feel My Face: I'm so high that it seems like Starships has got one eye.

Only You (And You Alone) (P1): Mhmm.

The starship flies away.

Starships: Wait, what? Where has Can't Feel My Face gone?

Only You (And You Alone P2): Will you marry me? Oh, wait you're not the right person.

Starships: You're not as well...

Best Song Ever (all coaches) notice Oishii Oishii (P2). They try to catch him, but it's not a successful try. However, they let others know where he is. Some goddesses are worried about Oishii (P2)'s fate, and they want to help, but they don't want to collaborate. To gain more fame, they share their intentions on Twitter.

Burn: I'm the goddess of the winds. No one can help them better than me.

Burn stars using her power to control the winds and get them to back to Earth.

Where Have You Been: I'll use my fire power. I'll send meteorites beyond Earth's atmosphere. I don't want to destroy him, I just want to warn him.

Where Have You Been sends the meteorites.

She Wolf (Falling To Pieces): Is Where Have You Been crazy? I need to stop the meteorites.

She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) freezes the meteorites that they become very weight and what she's done doesn't have good effects. It makes all of them very weight, and their direction changes to Earth. Burn tries to help, but she can't handle each single meteorite, therefore some of them hit the ground, and one of them hits the pyramid where Dark Horse is imprisoned. It makes the pyramid open whose lower parts strangely aren't ruined. There is a huge explosion which doesn't look like it's caused by the meteorites. A lot of people visit the place. It's speculated that Dark Horse is now free, although she's not seen there.

Worth It: Oh no! Is it about to happen again?

Lights: We don't know! It's impossible that the different explosion happened without anyone's influence.

Uptown Funk (C4): The worst thing will happen. I'm saying.

The Sun goes down.

The end of episode 14.

Episode 15

Sorry wants to shoot a new dance video with some female dancers. He decides to organize auditions in order to find the best dancers. Just Dance greets them.

Just Dance: Welcome to auditions for a new dance video by Sorry. Stand in a line and soon, you will have to show off your best dance moves. Your dance skills will be rated by our awesome juries: Rabiosa, Limbo (P1) and Sorry (of course). Prepare and good luck to you all!

Same Old Love (P2) enters the room with juries.

Sorry: Whoa! Don't think I'd ever like you in my video after what you've done to me! Go away!

Rabiosa: I think you're kinda overreacting. She may be good.

Sorry: No way! It's my video, and my opinion matters more than yours.

Same Old Love (Cries): I'm so sick of you!

Sorry: Why did you come here then?

Same Old Love (P2) exits the room, and another dancer comes in.

Rabiosa: Welcome, All About That Bass. What's your experience in dancing?

All About That Bass: I can shake it, shake it, like I'm supposed to do.

A while later.

Limbo (P1): You're good, but your moves may be too gentle for the video. Go to the waiting room.

All About That Bass: Yay!

All About That Bass goes to the waiting room. Time for All About That Bass Alternate (P1).

Sorry: Sorry, but no bees allowed.

All About That Bass Alternate (P1) makes a sad face and flies away. Time for another dancer.

Hips Don't Lie: Hello guys! I'm gonna show you my twerk!

A while later.

Sorry: Wow, you're the best participant so far!

Rabiosa: I agree! Can you show us more great dance moves?

HDL: Of course!

Hips Don't Lie starts twerking harder. She suddenly farts, and then, every window breaks.

Rabiosa: What?! These windows cost a lot of money! I'm calling the police.

HDL: But, I haven't done anything!

Limbo (P1): I'm terrified by your behavior!

Hips Don't Lie tries to escape, but Circus (Extreme) stops her.

HDL: My hips don't lie, I swear!

Sorry: How have the windows broken then?

Dark Horse (P2) suddenly appears.

Dark Horse (P2): You guys are so dumb that you don't know it was me! Haha.

Dark Horse (P2) vanishes. A moment later, Lights appears.

Lights: I have a feeling Dark Horse is here.

Sorry: You're late.

The end of episode 15.

Episode 16

It's been a while since the fuss. Sorry finished the audition, and now he's about to work on the dance video, but before leaving home, Dark Horse (P2) visits him.

Sorry: What are you doing again? Now I'm going to shoot my video, I don't have time to worry about you again.

Dark Horse (P2): You will have to. Otherwise I will change you into a dog and you can say "goodbye" to your video.

Sorry: Please don't!

Dark Horse (P2): I won't but only in one condition. You will help me get Worth It.

Sorry: How?

Dark Horse (P2): I will tell you.

At the same time, at Same Old Love's residence.

Same Old Love (P2): Sorry thinks he's broken me down, but he hasn't. He doesn't want to have me, he will be forced to be mine.

Same Old Love (P1): How are you going to do this?

SOL (P2): You are strong ninjas, you will get him for me.

SOL (P3): We will do anything for you.

Sorry phones Worth It while Dark Horse controls what he says.

Sorry: Worth It, there's something I'd like to talk with you about.

Worth It: What's up?

Sorry: I want to hear your feedback about the choreography I'll be shooting today. Can you come to the studio?

Worth It: I'll find time.

Sorry: Thank you! See you at 2PM.

Sorry ends the call.

Dark Horse (P2): That's great, Sorry. I will be invisible and I'll be walking near to you.

Sorry and Dark Horse (P2) go out, and then when Dark Horse is invisible, Lights, whose one of powers is detecting others, meets Sorry.

Lights: I have a feeling Dark Horse was at your house a while ago.

Sorry: She was, but she just wanted to talk.

Lights: About what?

Dark Horse (P2) appears to be visible for a second and teleports Dark Horse into an unknown place. The ninjas stand by the door of the studio which Sorry enters.

Same Old Love (P1 and P3): You're coming with us.

Dark Horse (P2) becomes visible.

Dark Horse (P2): Oh no, babes, you're coming with me.

Dark Horse (P2) changes the ninjas into monuments.

Dark Horse (P2): You'll look better this way. All right, Sorry, now work on the video.

Dark Horse (P2) is invisible again.

I'm So Excited: Sorry, when are we starting?

Sorry: We're waiting for our special guest, Worth It!

Worth It enters the studio, and then Dark Horse (P2) teleports her to the same place as Lights and the ninjas.

Dark Horse (P2): Yes! My mission is done. Thank you Sorry! You are amazing!

Dark Horse (P2) disappears, and she doesn't care what will happen, because she is now sure she's won. The girls who were supposed to dance in the video get disappointed.

Boom: Wait, so you supported Dark Horse defeating Worth It? I didn't know you were such a jerk.

Hips Don't Lie: I know right! She once asked her army to kidnap me! And you collaborate with her?!

Sorry: Hey! I'm sorry, but she...

Holiday: There is no excuse for what you have done!

Cheap Thrills: Exactly! I'm withdrawing. I'm not gonna support this crime!

Every dancer withdraws.

Holiday: Shoot this video yourself!

Sorry: You can see that I will!

Holiday: Good luck then! Everyone will know what you've done!

The end of episode 16.

Episode 17

The girls let everyone know about what's happened at the studio, and now it becomes a hot topic. Nearly everyone is mad at Sorry, there are magazines with him at the cover. In front of his house, there are crowds of people with banners saying things like "Free Worth It", "Sorry is a criminalist". Sorry can't stand it and starts feeling sorry. He wants to find Worth It, whose friends decide to collaborate with him.

Timber (P2): What are we going to do? Uptown Funk C3 and C4 won't help us, because they've escaped the prison and they're indangered.

Timber (P1): Right, let's meet Sorry.

The Best Song Ever coaches can fly and they take Sorry to a place where he can meet with Worth It's friends in peace. At the same time, we get to see where Worth It, Lights and the ninjas from Same Old Love are. They're in a maze you can't exit. It's surrounded by a wall that is antimagicum and impossible to destroy.

Lights: And what will we be doing here?

Worth It: I have no idea. Since when does Dark Horse have powers to teleport others?

Lights: That surprised me as well. She's never seemed to have them.


Dark Horse (P3): Your highness, I have news! Look, magazines are talking about you being involved in Worth It's disappearance.

Dark Horse (P2): I have already won this battle. They can say what they say.

Timber (P1 and P2) and Circus (Extreme) meet Sorry.

Timber (P2): Hello, Sorry.

Sorry: Hey, I feel terribly bad for what's happened. What can I do?

Timber (P2): Your apology won't fix it. We must find Worth It.

Timber (P1): Honey, I'm honestly bored here, can I go?

Timber (P2): All right, you won't help us anyway. Just go.

Circus (Extreme): Can I leave you too? My sugar daddy is waiting.

Timber (P2): Please stay. We won't do it being two.

Circus (X): Umm, fine.

Sorry: Back to Worth It. I doubt anyone here has ever known she could teleport others. We know nothing about the place where she is. Is there someone who knows Dark Horse well?

Timber (P2): Her servants must know a lot about her, but they won't do anything against her will. The Lazy Song is a good explorer of the desert. We should contact him.

Timber (P2) and Sorry meet The Lazy Song.

Timber (P2): The Lazy Song! We must know anything you know about Dark Horse (P2)!

The Lazy Song: Okay, I understand this situation. It is indeed weird Dark Horse knows a spell teleporting others. It's seriously not her typical power. According to my research, the pyramids are one big library of information about her. That is the reason no one is allowed to enter them and they have no entrance.

Sorry: See, no one can enter them. We can't do anything.

The Lazy Song: The wind can sometimes be hard in the desert, and the sight is very bad then. You can try to dig under one of the pyramids.

Sorry: We can also ask someone help us.

After being asked to do so, Burn causes strong winds. Sorry and Timber (P2) dig under the pyramids and The Lazy Song guards them.

The Lazy Song: Remember to do it before the wind ends!

Sorry: It seems like we've dug into a room with books!

Timber (P2): I can see a book titled "Dark Horse - Uncommon Facts". Let's take it.

Sorry and Timber (P2) take the book to read it at home.

Sorry: The wind's getting weak. We must leave now.

Sorry and Timber (P2) successfully get home.

The end of episode 17.

Episode 18

After getting home, Sorry and Timber (P2) read the book

"Dark Horse knows lots of magical spells. The number of them can increase when she is the madness phase which happens to her only once. During that phase, her power is stronger, she can teleport others, be invisible and fearless. This time only lasts temporarily though. She has also got other periods, such as "the perfect storm" during which she is golden, stronger, and can even control the pyramids around."

Timber (P2): Let's read more exact information about her teleporting others.

"Some day, Dark Horse will teleport her enemies to a maze, which cannot be affected by magic and force. The enemies will not be released until someone who is bulletproof, has got nothing to lose, will not fall and is titanium comes."

Sorry: So now we can have enough hope they will be released!

Timber (P2): That's true, but who is titanium? Shortly later, the titanium person, Titanium wakes up from the dream which was caused by Dark Horse who had defeated her a lot of time ago in the past when Titanium was in her early phases. She doesn't have her armor yet, she gets rid of the pink lines. When she is entirely conscious, she goes to Dark Horse to stand up. Dark Horse is surprised about her being there. The battle of two songs starts. Still without the armor, Titanium starts singing and dancing. (Note: Dark Horse (P2) here is basically refered to as "Dark Horse") Titanium:

You shout it out But I can't hear a word you say I'm talking loud, not saying much I'm criticized But all your bullets ricochet Shoot me down But I get up

Dark Horse reacts to the response from Titanium, starting the perfect storm to destroy her forever. The sky turns dark, the pyramids rotate and she's full of anger.

Dark Horse: So you wanna play with magic? You should know what you're falling for.

Titanium starts the fase of receiving all the additional stuff she does during her routine and she still dances.

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose Fire away, fire away Ricochet, you take your aim Fire away, fire away You shoot me down But I won't fall I am titanium You shoot me down But I won't fall I am titanium!

Dark Horse transforms into the golden version of herself and she keeps on shooting Titanium with her magical spells, but Titanium is bulletproof (to all magical spells as well) and she bounces them.

Titanium I am titanium!

Titanium comes to Dark Horse, hits her and then Dark Horse (who's in her golden version) falls to pieces. The pieces of her golden transformation are washed with water and buried in a pyramid with possibility for Dark Horse to be revived as a good person in the future. Later, Titanium releases Worth It, Lights and the ninjas from Same Old Love.

The end of episode 18.

Episode 19

Uptown Funk (C3 and C4) have breakfast and think you about their future.

Uptown Funk (C4): I'm tired of living in a place where I'm unwelcome. I'm done.

Uptown Funk (C3): Me too. Why don't we move somewhere far away where we'll be happy and free?

Uptown Funk (C4): That's actually a good idea!

Uptown Funk (C3 and C3) go to the airport and enter an airplane. They are the only passengers.

Uptown Funk (C3): Finally, on the way to our paradise!

Uptown Funk (C4): I know right, I can't believe that!

Uptown Funk (C3): Only you and me.

UF (C4): Forever.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2) shows up.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): Haha, I'm your pilot and wherever you go, the place you'll go to is... a prison! The paradise you deserve.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2) goes back to the cockpit.

UF (C4): What will we do?

UF (C3): Trust me, we'll be alright.

20 minutes later, in the cockpit.

DDT (P2): Guys look, the sky is purple again. It's not happened for long, you know what that means...

DDT (P3): Time for dancing on the wing!

DDT (P2): Yes!

DDT (P1): Are you sure it's the best time for this? It might be dangerous.

DDT (P2): The weather's perfect! Nothing will happen if I don't control the plane for a few moments.

DDT (P1): Your decision.

The group exits the cockpit and gets ready.

DDT (P3): Guys, we're gonna dance on a wing. If you want, you can dance on the other wing too! I swear it's fun.

Dragostea Din Tei coaches stand on the wing and start dancing.

Uptown Funk (C4) (looking through the window): Are they crazy?

Uptown Funk (C3): It actually seems pretty enjoyable.

UF (C4): Wait, you're right. Shall we join them?

UF (C3) (smiles): No, I have a better idea.

Dragostea Din Tei coaches still keep dancing. After a few minutes, they notice Uptown Funk (C3 and C4) parachuting and waving their hands.

UF (C4): Have fun dancing! See ya.

The end of episode 19.

Episode 20

Uptown Funk (C3 and C4) land on an island, in a jungle. They have no idea where they are.

Uptown Funk (C4): I guess landing here wasn't the best idea.

Uptown Funk (C3): Would you prefer to go to a prison? I don't think so.

UF (C4): At least I would be sure I wouldn't die.

UF (C3): We've been here for less than 5 minutes. Don't panic.

Uptown Funk (C3 and C4) go through the forest, looking for a normal place without lots of trees. They notice a tribal woman shouting.

Iko Iko: They're here! They're here!

Uptown Funk (C4): Oh no! What if she collabs with the police?

Uptown Funk (C3): Seems reasonable... Let's disappear!

Uptown Funk (C3 and C4) try to run away but they're chased by other inhabitants of the jungle (Hips Don't Lie male background dancers), who take them somewhere.

Uptown Funk (C3): Are they carrying us to their prison or...?

After carrying the Uptown Funk coaches to a certain place, they let them off.

Iko Iko: Welcome!

Uptown Funk (C3): Are we going to be in a prison? Please don't!

Iko Iko: We haven't had new guests for a long time. You are very welcome here. Now, let's party, and do the tribal dance!

Uptown Funk (C3 and C4), as well as Iko Iko, Jingo Lo Ba, Hips Don't Lie, Where Have You Been (Extreme), and others have a party, a lot fun. The Uptown Funk coaches make many new friends.

Uptown Funk (C3): It's been so great here!

Uptown Funk (C4): Yeah!

Uptown Funk (C3): Do you want to dance with me?

UF (C4): Oh, sure.


Uptown Funk (C3): We're tired. Iko Iko, is there a place where we can sleep?

Iko Iko: I have rooms for guests. Enjoy!

Later in the morning.

Hips Don't Lie: Hey Uptown Funk! I am going to the town. Do you want to join me?

Uptown Funk (C3): No. We've finally found a place in which we're happy and accepted by everyone. Thank you though. Also, please don't tell anyone we're here.

Hips Don't Lie: Sure thing. Goodbye.

Uptown Funk (C3) gets down on his knees.

UF (C3): C4, will you marry me?

UF (C4): Yes!

Iko Iko: We can provide you a good tribal wedding if you're interested.

UF (C4): Of course!

Uptown Funk (C3 and C4) got married and finally found themselves. Amen.

The end of episode 20.

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