The second season of my TV series "Just Dance Stories".

Link to the first season.

Note: Some episodes may contain inappropriate themes for you if you're under 13 (violence. No overly sexual or druggy content though).

Episodes 1-3 are also now available in Russian ([1]), translated by AndrewLikesApples and Ipozhidaev61.

Episode 1

According to tradition, Into You is supposed to get married with Kung Fu Fighting (P2). She doesn't want to marry him, but she's afraid others won't accept her will and her dad (Kung Fu Fighting P1) will force her to marry him anyway. There is an hour left, and her friends get her ready for the wedding, which takes place at night.

Hey Mama (Alternate P2): You will look fabulous.

Hey Mama (Alternate P1): Your make up will be wonderful.

Hey Mama (Alternate P3): You will shine tonight.

Into You: Thank you for your help! Now I need to go out to consider some things.

HM (Alt P3): Fine! Don't be late for the wedding!

Into You: I won't.

Into You is by the river. She thinks about consequences of her not telling others she doesn't want to marry him.

Into You (crying): Why did I not tell them I didn't want him? Now it's too late, and all I can do is go to the wedding and disappoint others. All my friends were nice to me, their entire effort will be wasted? I'm tired of living under pressure, I want to be a normal girl. I don't want to live like that anymore.

Good Feeling (Extreme): I see someone here is crying.

Into You: Yes, because I'm going to be a fool soon.

GF (Extreme) (holds her hand): With me, you won't have to. Come.

Good Feeling (Extreme) and Into You dance under the moon. Into You falls in love with him and starts singing.

Into You:I'm so into you, I can barely breathe And all I wanna do is to fall in deep But close ain't close enough 'til we cross the line, hey... So name a game to play, and I'll roll the dice, hey

Oh baby, look what you started The temperature's rising in here Is this gonna happen? Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move Before I make a move

A while later.

Into You: The wedding is starting...

GF (X): Just go there and say you don't want him.

Into You: It's not easy. I can't do that.

GF (X): I will be with you.

IY: I'll try.

At the wedding.

Dancing Diva: Into You, do you want to marry Kung Fu Fighting (P2)?

Into You is silent.

DD: Again, do you want to marry Kung Fu Fighting (P2)?

Into You keeps quiet and her guests are bothered by her behavior.

DD: Into You?

Into You: I don't!

The guests: What?!

Kung Fu Fighting (P1): You cannot say that! I've been waiting for this moment all my life!

Into You escapes with Good Feeling (Extreme). Her father starts chasing them, but he gives up. Into You sings.

Into You: This could take some time. Made too many mistakes, better get this right.

Good Feeling (Extreme): Get into my car ASAP!

The pair enters the car. They drive away to a place where they will be happy and free. During the trip, Into You sings the rest of the song.

Episode 2

Papaoutai (P2) doesn't have a nice day at school.

Daddy Alternate (P2): Guys! I'm having a birthday party on Saturday!

All Daddy Alternate's classmates are excited, because his father is rich, so they know they will have a good time. Invitations are sent out, and sadly, Papaoutai is the only classmate who isn't invited.

Papaoutai (P2): Why didn't you invite me?

Daddy Alt (P2): Because your dad is a fool!

Papaoutai (P2): Why are you saying this about him?

Daddy Alt (P2): He's so weak unlike my extremely sporty dad!

Everyone laughs at Papaoutai (P2).

Papaoutai (P2): Hey, that was rude!

Papaoutai (P1) gets back home. He notices his son lying on the couch and crying.

Papaoutai (P1): What happened, son?

Papaoutai (P2): Daddy Alternate (P2) called you a fool and said you're weak!

Papaoutai (P1): Well, I'm not a sporty person, but...

Papaoutai (P2): It's going to change!

Papaoutai (P1): What are you talking about?

Papaoutai (P2): On Friday, there is a table tennis match for daddies at school, and you will compete with his dad! I found the best teacher for you!

Papaoutai (P2) opens the door to Troublemaker (Sweat).

Papaoutai (P1): I won't...

Papaoutai (P2): Please do it for me!

Troublemaker (Sweat): Come on! There are just three days left!

Papaoutai (P1): If it makes you happy...

Papaoutai (P2) keeps training hard. Then, on Friday...

Papoutai (P2): Yes daddy! The score is 8-7. A few goals and you will win!

Papaoutai (P1): I surely hope so! But I'm tired.

A few moments later.

This Is How We Do (Alternate): And the winner is... Daddy Alternate (P1)!

Papaoutai (P1) gets sad.

Papaoutai (P2): Don't worry!

Papaoutai (P1): Why? I thought it meant a lot to you.

Papaoutai (P2): You are my daddy and I love you the way you are. Maybe you're not the best table tennis player, but there are many things you're good at, like being the best father ever!

Papaoutai (P1): Oh, it was sweet!


Daddy Alternate (P1): Congratulations Papaoutai (P1). You are an excellent player!

Papaoutai (P1): Thank you! I wouldn't have expected to hear it from you.

Daddy Alternate (P1): You're welcome! Would you two like to have a drink?

Papaoutai (P1): Sure!

When Daddy Alternate (P1) arrives to his mansion...

Daddy Alt (P1): Son, for what you said to Papaoutai at school, you are grounded for a week! And forget about your new iPhone for at least a month!

Daddy Alt (P2): Noooooooooooooo!

Episode 3

Cake By The Ocean Alternate (both coaches) have a date at the beach. The date goes very well.

Cake By The Ocean Alt (P2): I really want this moment to last forever.

Cake By The Ocean Alt (P1): Me too.

CBTO Alt (P2): But what if we break up soon?

CBTO Alt (P1): I don't want it to happen.

CBTO Alt (P2): Let's ask Lean On P1 how not to let it happen!

The pair goes to a palace where the Lean On coaches live. P1 is known to be a monk who can reply to anything.

Lean On (P4): Welcome to our palace. If you want to see any of us, you must pay 20 mojo coins.

CBTO Alt (P2): Don't worry, I've got money.

A few moments later.

Lean On (P1): How can I help you?

CBTO (P2): We want to be in love forever.

Lean On (P1): How did you meet each other?

CBTO (P2): I asked her if she liked a song.

CBTO (P1): And I liked it.

Lean On (P1): Share this pair of earphones for at least 15 hours. You have to keep them in your ears all the time.

CBTO (P2): Fine, thanks!

The pair puts the earphones into their ears.

Lean On (P1): But there is a warning! If you stop keeping them in your ears earlier, you will die in a minute!

CBTO (P1): What?!

CBTO (P2): Everything will be good.

Cake By The Ocean Alt P2 smiles and then they leave the palace.

CBTO (P1): Are you crazy? How will we survive so many hours. We have to keep them until 6AM! But I'm going to sleep at 10!

CBTO (P2): I'm sorry. When we got to know about it, it was too late.

CBTO (P1): My mum is calling me home. We will go there together then.

At home...

CBTO (P1): Mum, this is my friend from school. He's helping with preparing for a maths test.

La Bicicleta (P1): Nice to meet you, Cake By The Ocean Alternate P2. Thank you for helping my daughter.

A few hours later. La Bicicleta (P1) opens the door or her daughter's room.

LB (P1): It's 10AM. Can I nicely ask your friend to go home?

CBTO Alt (P2): I must stay.

LB (P1): Why?

CBTO Alt (P1): Because...

CBTO Alt (P2): Because my house has burned.

LB (P1): Oh, I feel sorry for you. We've got another room where you can sleep.

CBTO Alt (P2): No, I must sleep here with Cake By The Ocean Alt P1.

LB (P1): What? You're too young. Also, what are these earphones doing in your ears? I thought you were learning. You are basically abusing my kindness make let you stay!

La Bicicleta (P1) pulls out the earphones, and the other coaches start crying.

CBTO Alt (P1): I don't want to die!

CBTO Alt (P2): Why did you do this?

LB (P1): What are you talking about?

CBTO Alt (P1): We wanted to be in love forever. Lean On (P1) gave us these earphones and she said we would die if we stopped using them.

LB (P1): Honey, don't trust the Lean On dancers! They're just rich people who want your money!

The pair calms down.

CBTO (P1): Sorry mum. I won't listen to them again.

Episode 4

Teenage Dream, a nerdy girl, isn't very satisfied with her life. It's her birthday today. Her best friend, Jump (For My Love) P2 calls her.

Jump (P2): Hi Teenage Dream! Happy birthday! How are you?

Teenage Dream: Another birthday and I still don't have a boyfriend!

Teenage Dream starts crying and ends the call.

Teenage Dream: My life sucks. It's my birthday and I'll spend it in my bedroom again.

Jump (P2): I guess I know what the best birthday gift will be.

Jump (For My Love) (P2) calls Take On Me.

Take On Me: Hello?

Jump (P2): I have a deal for you. If I give you 30 Mojo coins, will you date Teenage Dream?

TOM: Ewww, why her?

Jump (P2): It's her birthday and she definitely needs to date someone. She's in tears.

TOM: Okay, I'll do it to make her happy, but can you give me a few coins more?

Jump (P2): Ummm, fine.

TOM: Thanks! I'll be at her home at 5.

Jump (P2): Remember to be nice to her! It's supposed to be her best birthday ever. And take her to the club.

Later, Jump (For My Love) (P2) visits Teenage Dream.

Jump (P2): Hi queen! Wait, why are you crying? Jump out of the bed and I'm gonna make you look like a goddess! Let's go!

Jump (P2) makes Teenage Dream look beautiful. She transforms into the "prom look". Before she's done with make-up, Take On Me arrives.

Teenage Dream: Why can I hear the doorbell?

Jump (P2): Your prince has arrived!

Teenage Dream: What?!

Take On Me: Teenage Dream... Wow, you are beautiful!

Teenage Dream: But, I don't have any make-up!

Take On Me: Aww, you're so funny. You don't need it.

Teenage Dream starts singing.

Teenage Dream:

You think I'm pretty without any make-up on. You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong I know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down

Before you met me, I was all right But things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life Now every February you'll be my valentine, valentine

Jump (P2): Fine, I'm leaving you alone hunnies.

Teenage Dream:

Let's go all the way tonight No regrets, just love We can dance until we die You and I, will be young forever

Take On Me: We will. Come with me!

Take On Me takes Teenage Dream to the club at We Can't Stop's house. They enjoy the party, and Teenage Dream is happier than she has ever been. She sings while looking at him.

Teenage Dream:

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream The way you turn me on, I can't sleep Let's run away and don't ever look back Don't ever look back

My heart stops when you look at me Just one touch, now baby I believe This is real, so take a chance And don't ever look back, don't ever look back

Due to the way Teenage Dream looks now, she's no longer bullied, and people celebrate her birthday too. Moreover, We Can't Stop's team shoots fireworks. Teenage Dream and others go outside to watch them. Teenage Dream holds Take On Me's hands.

Teenage Dream: Let me be your teenage dream tonight.

Teenage Dream kisses Take On Me. After the party, Teenage Dream gets back home and she can't sleep thinking about what happened. Jump (P2)'s phone calls.

Jump (P2): Yes, Teenage Dream? It's 2AM.

Teenage Dream: I know! Thank you bestie for this birthday gift! My best day ever!

Jump (P2): Oh, that's good... Seems like I'm gonna have another call. Wait a moment.

Take On Me: You know. Teenage Dream is actually pretty when she looks this way. I don't need money from you.

The end of episode 4.

Episode 5

E.T, who has been Animals Extreme's companion for a while, fell in love with Animals (Extreme). She can't stand keeping this secret and decides to tell him about it. The action takes place in space, where they currently are.

E.T: Animals Extreme! It's such a beautiful day. Can we talk?

Animals (Extreme): Umm, sure.

E.T: I want to tell you about something.

Animals X: What?

E.T: I'm crushed on you. Can we, being a pair, combine our powers to make the world ours?

Animals (X): I'm sorry, but I.. there is someone else I like.

Animals (Extreme) disappears.

E.T: How in the world is this happening? Animals (Extreme) must be mine! I hate that person, whoever she is. He will belong to me no matter what. I will eliminate her and he will have no choice! I will not negotiate.

Since E.T is aware of the fact he doesn't want her, Animals (Extreme) decides to go to the village where he's sure Into You, the person he wants to be with him, lives.

Animals (Extreme): I came here to express my love to Into You. Where is she?

Kung Fu Figthing (P1): Where is she? I also wish I knew that. An admirer came, stole her heart (or wisdom), and took her. We don't know where she is.

Animals (X): May I know who he is?

KFF (P1): Good Feeling (Extreme). Not a kind of guy I'd like for my daughter.

Animals (X): I agree with you. I can swear that if she's mine, I will be someone you will approve of.

KFF (P1): I can see you as someone good her. If you do this, I'll owe you one.

Animals (X): I will, I really will.

KFF (P1): That's good. Thank you. Thank you.

Animals (Extreme) leaves.

Animals (X): Why wasn't I so clever to come here earlier? Everything would have been easier. I'll win her.

E.T, who tries to stalk Animals (Extreme), visits the place where he is to try to ask him for a chance.

E.T: Now that you can see Into You didn't want you, I can be the one. You're so hypnotizing.

Animals (X): Don't start this again. I do not want you! You're not gonna help yourself by stalking me. And no, she didn't say she didn't want me. I didn't even meet her. She doesn't know she wants me yet.

Animals (Extreme) leaves E.T alone.

The end of episode 5.

Episode 6

E.T is still shocked Animals (Extreme) is interested in another girl.

E.T: No! Not her! I won't give up. She's my wannabe. So what's the point of dating someone who's my copy instead of the real me? No way I will let it happen. I'll find her and destroy her.

Meanwhile, Animals (Extreme) tries to make Into You his and finds out where she currently is. He goes to the motel where Into You and Good Feeling (Extreme) lives. He doesn't know the room where they live, so he shouts out her name.

Animals (Extreme): Into You! Where are you? I am the right one for you.

Into You (silently in her room, talking to Good Feeling (Extreme)): Ouch, this has gone way too far!

Animals (Extreme): I see you aren't saying anything. I'll check each room to find you.

Animals (Extreme) destroys the door of the first room in order which is a few rooms away from the one where they are.

Good Feeling (Extreme): I'll advise you to run away and hide somewhere to keep you safe.

Into You: And what about you?

Good Feeling (Extreme): I'll stay in our room and stand against him in case he gets here.

Into You: But...

Good Feeling (Extreme): Look! He's currently in a different room.

Good Feeling (Extreme) opens the door.

Into You: Why won't you...

Good Feeling (Extreme): Don't say anything! Take your time.

Into You runs away and she's got enough time to do it, but Animals (Extreme) notices someone closing the door, as Good Feeling (Extreme) does it too late. Into You can't do anything as she's too far.

Animals (Extreme): Now I've got ya.

Good Feeling (Extreme) hides behind the door. When Animals (Extreme) enters, a fight stars. Good Feeling (Extreme) seems to be winning, but then Animals (Extreme) hits his head and Good Feeling (Extreme) faints. Animals (Extreme) is focused on getting Into You, so he leaves him in the room, but then he has got no clue where Into You is.

Animals (Extreme): If I only I knew where Into You is.

E.T suddenly appears.

E.T: You will never know. Now it's high time to forget about her and focus on me.

The end of episode 6.

Episode 7

Animals (Extreme): Tell me where Into You is.. now!

E.T: I won't... Okay, she's in her village. Enjoy knowing this.

Animals (Extreme): Thanks.

Animals (Extreme) (to himself while going to the village): It's kinda hard to believe she's told me about this.

E.T stays in the room, and then Good Feeling (Extreme) wakes up.

E.T: Listen, do you want your beautiful queen back?

Good Feeling (Extreme): I do. I will do anything for her.

E.T: Then I'll tell you how...

Later, when Animals (Extreme) arrives at the village.

Animals (Extreme): I arrived her to meet my love, Into You. I know she's back here.

Kung Fu Fighting (P1): No, she's not here at all.

E.T, who still keeps on stalking Animals (Extreme), jumps into the conversation.

E.T: Kung Fu Fighting, he's not a good candidate for your daughter's husband. Forget about him. He'll fail her more than anyone. He used to be my man, and he kept cheating on me.

KFF (P1): Is what she's saying true?

Animals (X): What? It obviously isn't.

E.T: He's trying to get you on his side. Don't listen to him. He's not worth her.

KFF (P1): She sounds reliable. Animals (Extreme), go.

Animals (X): She kidnapped your daughter! Don't believe her.

E.T: Oh Animals, another pack of your lies.

KFF (P1): Animals, I've already told you, go.

Animals (X): I tell you what. I honestly don't care about your approval, Kung Fu Fighting. I'm gonna get her anyway.

E.T: You've seriously added insult to injury.

Kung Fu Fighting (P1) leaves the conversation.

Animals (X): You aren't helping yourself by ruining my relationship with Into You. Stop controlling people.

E.T: Me? Your relationship with Into You has never existed! You can't stop putting effort to steal her from Good Feeling (Extreme).

Animals (Extreme) is so annoyed that he's about to use his power to attack E.T, but then, E.T goes back to space.

The end of episode 7.

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Episode 8

Let's go back in time and see what E.T told Good Feeling (Extreme) at the motel...

E.T: Listen, I actually need you to be with Into You, and I totally approve your relationship with her. Animals (Extreme) must be mine, so you'd better be hers. Listen, we can team up and then you'll see Into You again. Deal?

Good Feeling (Extreme): Fine, what are we gonna do?

Now, let's go to the present. Animals (Extreme) follows E.T and goes to space. He finds out that Good Feeling (Extreme) has been taken there by E.T. He doesn't know where Into You, who he believes was kidnapped by E.T, is.

Animals (Extreme): Give me Into You back or I'll use my violence against you.

E.T: Okay, you have won. I'll let you see where she is.

Animals (Extreme) and E.T leave that part of space. At the same time, Good Feeling (Extreme) isn't able to leave it at that time, as he has got chains, which are part of his plan of teaming up with E.T and pretending to be imprisoned by her. Animals (Extreme) and E.T arrive at the place where Into You supposedly is.

Animals (Extreme): We're standing in front of the pyramid where Dark Horse is hidden. Is Into You here?

E.T: Yes, she's alright and is waiting for you inside. Sorry but I lacked an idea of where to imprison her.

Animals (Extreme) punches one of the sides of the pyramid, and they enter it. E.T leads him to the room where Dark Horse's pieces were buried.

Dark Horse (P2) (ghost): Your love to her was't strong enough, but not anymore!

The ghost of Dark Horse casts a spell on Animals (Extreme), which makes him fall in love with her.

Animals (Extreme): Honey, how didn't I love you earlier?

E.T: Happily, you don't make this mistake anymore. Please find a good place for a date and I'll be there soon.

Animals (Extreme): Yes, sir.

E.T stays inside the pyramid and talks to Dark Horse.

Dark Horse: Now that I helped you with Animals (Extreme), will you finally release me?

E.T: No! I am the only queen of this world and there is no place for another queen. Goodbye. Spend the rest of your life here. You will not be revived. Ever.

Dark Horse is extremely shocked as she believed E.T would make her live again. E.T locks the pyramid again. Dark Horse isn't able to ever leave it due to being an accursed ghost whose only place to live is the pyramid.

Dark Horse: What a cheater! Don't worry, I'll be alive soon, I will.

Later, in space.

E.T: Best Song Ever! Take Good Feeling (Extreme) back to Earth! And Good Feeling (Extreme) find Into You wherever she is.

Animals (Extreme): Wait, so you didn't kidnap her?

E.T: I've never kidnapped her. I didn't even meet her during the whole situation.

Animals (Extreme) and E.T still keep dating staring at the Moon.

The end of episode 8.

Episode 9

Ghost In The Keys (P1, P2 and P3), who live in the suburbs have recently experienced something mysterious and scary at their house.

Ghost In The Keys (P2): Why do we hear weird noises?

Ghost In The Keys (P3): Why is my bed swaying?

GITK (P2): There must be something wrong with our house! Is it cursed?

A ghost enters the house through the window.

Ghost In The Keyps (P4): Booooo!

Ghost In The Keys (P2 and P4) try to hide.

Ghost In The Keys (P1): What's happening guys?

GITK (P2): Run!

GITK (P1): What? Why?

The ghost gets to catch P1.

GITK (P1): Ugh I don't want to follow the ghost, but I can't, something must be controling my mind! Help!

GITK (P4): Let's have a walk together!

GITK (P2): Promise you'll come back!

GITK (P1): I hope.

Ghost In The Keys (P4) takes P1 out.

A few minutes later.

GITK (P1): I'm back!

GITK (P2): Are you safe and sound?

GITK (P1): Yes. I know a place where we can remove the curse!

GITK (P3): Are you being serious?

GITK (P1): Yeah, the ghost's told me.

GITK (P2): How can we believe him?

GITK (P1): The ghost is good. Guaranteed.

GITK (P3): Okay. We're for ride or die, so we'll go with you.

Ghost In The Keys (P1, P2 and P3) leave their house, and P1 guides them.

GITK (P3): Ugh, it's windy!

GITK (P2): That's right. I'm afraid you'll have to go lonely.

P1's eyes turn red for a moment.

GITK (P1): You gotta go with me!

P1 holds everyone's hand and doesn't let them go.

After a few hours.

GITK (P1): It's here.

GITK (P2): Why are we going to this pyramid? It might be dangerous. = P2 tries to release from P1, but then he loses his arm.

GITK (P2): No!!

GITK (P1): Unless you want to lose your arm forever, you must obey me.

The ghost lets them in and takes them to room where Dark Horse's pieces rest in peace.

Dark Horse (ghost): Good evening. Well done, ghost. Well done.

Dark Horse touches the three characters' heads using her spiritual arms to steal their minds.

Dark Horse (ghost): Finally! Now I'm completely able to become a human again! But before I make my huge comeback, you will have to proclaim my glory!

Ghost In The Keys (P1, P2 and P3): Dark Horse, we are your witnesses. Dark Horse, we are your witnesses. Dark Horse, we are your witnesses.

Episode 10

Two new coaches move into the city (Juju On That Beat). Inhabitants of it don't like them due to their style and mess with them on the sidewalk.

Get Ugly (P2): You... are ugly.

Groove (P1): Juju P2! Did a unicorn puke at you?

The crowd: Woooo!

Groove (P2): Nice shade dude.

Like I Would: Bro, you nailed it!

Juju On That Beat (P1): Don't worry, P2.

It's My Birthday (P2): How do you guys label yourself? People from the thrift shop?

The crowd: Wooo!

Till I Find You: Shade of it all!

Get Ugly (P2): C'mon shiny dudes! Where are your shady quotes?

Juju On That Beat (P2) (Comes to Get Ugly (P2): Listen..

Get Ugly (P2): Wha? Thrift shops have better clothes than you.

The crowd: Woo!

Juju On That Beat (P1): Okay man, if you think we ain't fab. Here's a challenge: tomorrow, here, at 3, I'm gon' get guys from the hood, and we'll create a dope song that will be lit! Dare ya?

Get Ugly (P2): K hun. Let me know when you upgrade from your nearest thrift shop.

Later, in the evening

Juju On That Beat (P2): Bro, that must be something good.

Juju On That Beat (P1): I'm almost done with it. Just write your verse. We'll be jujuing!

The following day, 5PM

Get Ugly (P2): Show me your "song"! Huh? Where are they?

Get Ugly (P1): I don't know... wait, look straight ahead.

Get Ugly (P2): Wha?

A few cars with people dancing on them with the Juju On That Beat coaches arrive.

Two random girls, who're not involved, react to them.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Girl, ain't that Juju On That Bwat P1 and P2?

Valenti: Yas!

GJWTHF: Don't both of 'em got a girlfriend?

Valenti: Girl, I don't care.

GJWTHF: I don't care girl, he still cute.

Valenti: Oh yes.

Juju On That Beat (P1):

Walked in this party And these girls lookin' at me Skinny jeans on and you know my hair nappy Hey, hey, hey Okay, okay I want y'all do it, do this dance now

Get Ugly (P1): I'ma join this dance.

Get Ugly (P3): Me too, sorry.

Get Ugly (P1): Gurls, you serious?!

Juju On That Beat (P1):

JuJu on the beat JuJu on that beat JuJu on that, JuJu on that, JuJu on that beat Now slide, drop Hit dem folks, don't stop, aye Don't stop, aye Don't stop, aye Running man on that beat, aye Running man on that beat, aye Running man on that beat, aye Running man on that beat Now do your dance, do your dance, do your dance, aye You ugly You your daddy's son

Lots of people enjoy this and join them.

Juju On That Beat (P2):

Okay we knuckin' and buckin' And ready to fight I got my cousin, he with me And got P1 on the right And I'm a Just Dance 2017 baby And I don't know nothing else Besides drinking and having parties And having some fun I say look in the mirror What you expect me to do? I see a 300-S And got them blacked out rims I mean I like your style I'm on a whole 'nother level If you compare me and you There wouldn't be no comparings

Juju On That Beat (P1):

JuJu on the beat JuJu on that beat JuJu on that, JuJu on that, JuJu on that beat Now slide, drop Hit dem folks, don't stop, aye Don't stop, aye Don't stop, aye Running man on that beat, aye Running man on that beat, aye Running man on that beat, aye Running man on that beat Now do your dance, do your dance, do your dance, aye You ugly You your daddy's son

Applause from the crowd.

Get Ugly (P2): Okay, this was actually great, bro. Welcome to the hood!

Juju On That Beat (P1): Aww man, thanks!

Juju On That Beat (P2): Now, y'all wanna do it again?

The crowd: Yep!

The end of episode 10.

Episode 11

Timber P1 and Circus (Extreme) suddenly meet each other after a while.

Timber (P1): Hey girl! How have you been? I've missed you.

Circus (Extreme): Hi Timber. I don't think I've been alright enough...

Timber (P1): What's wrong?

Circus (Extreme): As you know, I've been living with What Is Love at his mansion. It was fun to have a sugar daddy, but I've gotten very bored. I don't know if he still loves me or if he just loves my body. I'm over it.

Timber (P1): Really? Why won't you give him up then?

Circus (Extreme): I'm not sure that's what I want. I've lost my job recently.. he's the only source of money for me.

Timber (P1): Why don't you try applying for your job again?

Circus (Extreme): I don't think they would want me after I told them "I have a sugar daddy now, I don't need you!"

Timber (P1): Okay then. I must go now. If you need help, call me.

A few seconds later...

Circus (Extreme): Really?! I thought that she-dog would offer living with her and that panda. Screw her.

Walking down the street, Timber (P1) meets Dragostea Din Tei (P2) and decides to talk to him.

Timber (P1): Do you know what gurl? (shows Circus (Extreme)'s picture)

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): She's beautiful! I remember her as a cop.

Timber (P1): That's true! Would you like her to become your dream?

DDT (P2): How?

Timber (P2): C'mon gentleman. Be a policeman. (winks)

Later, in the evening, in What Is Love's bedroom, What Is Love lies in his bed.

What Is Love: Can you turn off the lights, babe?

Circus (Extreme): Um, no...

What Is Love: What?

Circus (Extreme): I guess okay...

The doors open.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): Stop doing this!

What Is Love: Should I call the police?

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): No, I am the police!

What Is Love: You've broken into my house.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): Stop abusing her!

Circus (Extreme): Wait, how do you know?

What Is Love: If I could take off the sheets, I would beat you up! Leave us now!

Dragostea Din Tei (P2) takes Circus (Extreme) on his arms and leaves What Is Love.

DDT (P2): I will be your hero.

Later, outside.

Circus (Extreme): Wow, thank you!

DDT (P2): Don't mention it. You are also getting your job back! I swear.

Circus (Extreme): You're lovely.

Circus (Extreme) and Dragostea Din Tei (P2) kiss.

The end of episode 11.

Episode 12

It's another day of Toxic's job at hospital. A group of three unexpected guests visits her.

Toxic: Why are you looking so weird?

Ghost In The Keys (P1): We have a very rare illness! We need your help!

Toxic: Okay, let's go to room 4.

A few seconds later.

Ghost In The Keys (P2): Could you please close the door? We are too shy to talk about this publicly.

Toxic: Umm, sure.

Toxic closes the door, a moment later, everyone holds her.

Toxic: Wait... what are you doing? (shocked)

Ghost In The Keys (P1): Remember this honey.

Everyone's, except for Toxic's eyes turn red and their voices become weird.

Ghost In The Keys (P1, P2 and P3): Dark Horse is the Queen! Dark Horse is the Queen! Dark Horse is the only Queen!

Toxic's eyes turn red for a few seconds and she her mind is possessed

Toxic: Dark Horse is the Queen!

Everyone's eyes are now normal.

Ghost In The Keys (P2): That's great.

Ghost In The Keys (P3): Have a good day. See ya!

A moment after this, two other patients arrive at hospital.

Groove (P2): Is there any doctor? We need instant help!

Toxic: What's the matter?

Groove (P2): Look at Tik Tok! She's got lots of wounds!

Toxic: Tik Tok, what's happened?

Tik Tok: Now the party don't stop till I walk in... (drunk)

Toxic: What?

Groove (P2): Let me explain. We were at a party, and we were dancing all night, we were rocking the floor, and now she's got wounds.

Toxic: Alright, Tik Tok. Do you have any documents?

Tik Tok: No, but I've got plenty of beer.

Toxic: Ugh, I'm done! Can another doctor take care of her?

A few seconds later.

Toxic: Thank you, Blame It on the Boogie (P1)!

At the time Tik Tok is examined, Toxic has a short chat with Groove (P2).

Toxic: So, why were you partying so hard?

Groove (P2): Want it all the time, yeah. Need in my life, yeah. Feel it in my spine.

Toxic falls in love with Groove (P2).

Toxic: You're dangerous, I'm lovin' it.

Groove (P2): Ya say so?

Toxic: Too high, can't come down. Losing my head spinning round and round.

Groove (P2) and Toxic kiss. Toxic's eyes turn red for a while, and Groove (P2)'s eyes turn black. Groove (P2)'s mind is now possessed.

Toxic: With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride. You're toxic.

Groove (P2): Your kiss was toxic. Dark Horse is the Queen!

The end of episode 12.

Episode 13

Wherever I Go can't get through the breakup with All About That Bass. It is that time he wakes up in the morning and notices her picture in front of his bed every day.

Wherever I Go: I know I could lie but I'm telling the truth. Wherever I go there's a shadow of you. I know I could try looking for something new. But wherever I go, I'll be looking for you. Oh, All About That Bass, I miss you so much. I need to find you. I will at all costs.

Wherever I Go leaves home to continue looking for All About That Bass. Meanwhile...

Ghost In The Keys (P2): I tell you what. I'm tired of endorsing Dark Horse here. Let's go downtown! We'll maybe do this there later.

Ghost In The Keys (P1): That's a nice idea!

Ghost In The Keys (P3): We could also have a great meal. There are many good restaurants. I'm in.

Ghost In The Keys (P2): Why wait, then?

Wherever I Go tries goes to one of the skyscrapers, and knocks at the door of All About That Bass' house, holding a dozen roses.

Wherever I Go: I know I could lie but I'm telling the truth, wherever I go there's a shadow of you.

No one opens the door. Wherever I Go leaves the roses in front of them.

Wherever I Go: If you're not here, I will check your friend's apartment.

Wherever I Go knocks at Girls Just Want To Have Fun's apartment's door, where she has a party. Blame opens.

Blame: What do you want again?

Wherever I Go: Is All About That Bass here?

Blame: She may be, but she doesn't want to see you. Get out!

Blame closes the door and locks them. Wherever I Go exits the building.

Wherever I Go: Oh, what can I do?

Blame stands in front of a tall building and notices an advertisement for healthy food by Acerola Taiso no Uta, which appears in a large screen.

Acerola Taiso no Uta (both coaches) (sing): Eat acerolas! They're healthy. You will be fit and cute!

Wherever I Go (astonished): Now I know!

Wherever I Go tries to enter the building from which the advertisement is broadcast.

I Love It (alt) (P1): No entrance here.

Wherever I Go: But I have to do something cute for my love. Leave me alone.

Wherever I Go manages to enter the building.

I Love It (alt) (P2): I am calling the police!

Wherever I Go gets to the live room where the Acerola Taiso no Uta coaches are. He replaces them lying that their advertisement is supposed to end, and starts appearing in the large screen, starts singing and dancing.

Wherever I Go: Dear All About That Bass...

All About That Bass is on the terrace of her friend's apartment and notices him.

Wherever I Go (sings): I know I could lie but I'm telling the truth Wherever I go there's a shadow of you I know I could try looking for something new But wherever I go, I'll be looking for you

All About That Bass (cries): This is beautiful!

Wherever I Go disappears from the screen. All About That Bass tries to tell Wherever I Go how much she loves him and wants him back.

All About That Bass (on the sidewalk): Honey! Where are you? Come here!

Circus (Extreme): He is arrested for what he did. Sorry.

All About That Bass: No! Baby, no!

Wherever I Go tries to wave his hands in chains and disappears in the police car.

After a while, the Ghost In The Keys coaches decide to follow Wherever I Go and do the same thing to endorse Dark Horse.

Ghost In The Keys (P1-P3) (in the screen): Dark Horse is the queen! Dark Horse is the queen! Dark Horse is the queen!

Lost Love Alliance is about to arrest them, but then there is a sudden explosion inside the building, and he cannot see anything. Then, Dark Horse (P2) appears in the screen.

Dark Horse (P2): I am the queen!

The end of episode 13.

Episode 14

The action of the beginning of this episode takes place in a news programme about what happened in the last episode.

Tightrope: Welcome to Just Dance World news! Since yesterday, the whole Just Dance world is shocked and endangered. Dark Horse, after being defeated by Titanium, is now back and free again! She appeared in the screen of one of the most famous skyscrapers in downtown, saying "I am the queen!". This news shook up everyone, and lots of people are afraid of leaving their houses. What scares us more is the fact that very little is currently known about her comeback. We have no idea whether she has plans to revenge, when, where, and the way it could happen. To get to know more about this disaster, we have invited one of her collaborators, who had earlier promoted her in the same screen she later appeared. She had also been spotted at random places of the town, calling her "the queen" with her group consisting of two other people. Good morning, Ghost In The Keys P1.

Ghost In The Keys (P1): Good morning Just Dance World news.

Tightrope: What are you willing to tell us about Dark Horse? How did you meet her? We would be delighted to know.

Ghost In The Keys (P1): I am not willing to reveal anything about her.

Tightrope: Are you sure?

GITK (P1): I am.

Tightrope: Alright, you are now going back to prison. We have also invited Ghost In The Keys P2.

Ghost In The Keys (P2) comes. Dark Horse appears out of the blue and is now seen in the middle of the screen.

Dark Horse (P2): Listen, Tightrope and everyone. This programme had better no longer be transmitted or it's the end of you all. And I will destroy you all, I will someday, but in the least anticipated moment. Keep preparing to greet the end of time.

Smoke suddenly appears out of nowhere. Tightrope starts screaming, and everyone (except for Ghost In The Keys P1-P3, and Dark Horse, of course, leaves the studio due to fear. After the smoke vanishes, Dark Horse teleports Groove (P2) and Toxic to the building.

Dark Horse (P2): We are gathered here to celebrate the first meeting of Dark Horse's witnesses. There is something I will you tell that you need to remember till the perfect moment I win: No matter how you are bullied, threatened, I will always be with you and you will be the ones that will survive anything, you will live forever if you obey me. If you do fail to do this, you will die with everyone else. Understood?

Ghost In The Keys (P2) is about to say something.

Dark Horse (P2): Well, it's inherently not a question. My army must be big, and I've got only five of you. You've been working very lazily. This number shall be way bigger. Next time I see you here, there must more witnesses. Now get back to your work. There's not much time left.

Dark Horse appears in the screen of the skyscraper once again.

Dark Horse (P2): Anyone from my army shall not be imprisoned. Arresting them will affect in a faster end of your lives.

The end of episode 14.

Episode 15

The Don't Worry coaches live in a different dimension. They observe the life of the inhabitants of Earth.

Don't Worry (P1): You know what? I've been feeling very sorry for what's happening in Just Dance World.

Don't Worry (P2): I know right. They're just sad all the time and afraid of the future.

Don't Worry (P1): That's true. No matter what happens, it's not up to them. I think we should make them want to celebrate the present, even if their death is coming. That's what they should do. When they die, they will have enough to commemorate.

Don't Worry (P2): Exactly bud! So, what are we gonna do?

Don't Worry (P1): Let's open the Just Dance doors!

Don't Worry (P1) opens the doors.

Don't Worry (P2) sighs.

Don't Worry (P1): C'mon man, have a look!

Don't Worry (P2): This is so amazing, let's go!

They teleport to the Holding Out For A Hero background, and after a few seconds to another one (like in the routine), and encourage others to have fun together while singing this song and dancing.

Don't Worry (P1): Dance with us!

Holding Out For A Hero: I love it!

Don't Worry (P2): Nice, see ya!

(You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

DW (P1): C'mon, show us your fabulous moves!

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record): I like to move my butt like this!

DW (P1 and P2): Cool!


Starships: Can't stop cause we're so high!

DW (P1 & P2): Let's do this one more time!

What Is Love

What Is Love: My women are dancing so well!

DW (P2): They are!

Cake By The Ocean

Cake By The Ocean: How do you manage to dance under water without proper equipment?

Don't Worry (P1 and P2) try to reply, but he doesn't understand them under water.

I Gotta Feeling

I Gotta Feeling: New kings of the dancefloor!

DW (P1 and P2): Thank you panda!

I Gotta Feeling: Never say no to panda!

DW (P1 and P2): Hahaha!

Dragostea Din Tei

Don't Worry (P1): Are we seriously dancing on the plane?

Don't Worry (P2): Apparently! Haha.

Dragostea Din Tei (P2): Hey! We're running out of place!

Don't Worry (P1): Sorry!

DDT (P2): Sorry's inside the plane.

Don't Worry (P1 and P2): Haha, nice one!

Let's Groove

Let's Groove (P2): You are so groovy!

Don't Worry (P2): Right?!

Don't Worry (P1): Follow us!

The Let's Groove and Don't Worry coaches do the Chicken Dance.

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style (P1): Do the Gangnam together!

DW (P1): Of course!

Oishii Oishii

Don't Worry (P2): Oishii Oishii P1, c'mon lil' bro, you rock the floor!

Only You

Don't Worry (P1): Marry her!

Only You (both coaches) marry each other.

Don't Stop Me Now

Don't Stop Me Now: I don't wanna stop at all!

DW (P1): We ain't stopping you! We're having such a good time!

Uptown Funk

DW (P1): Hello, midtown! Are you here?

DW (P1 and P2): You nail it!

Troublemaker (Silently whispers in the crowd): Cup.

Wherever I Go

DW (P2): Dude, I hope we won't be punished for dancing in the screen.

DW (P1) (laughs): Hopefully we won't!

What Is Love

DW (P1): Girls, we love the melody you're playing!

What Is Love (background coaches): Thanks guys!

What Is Love (Alternate)

What Is Love (Alternate) (P1): Arghh! The gold move are you doing here?

What Is Love (Alternate (P2): You've scared us!

DW (P1): Hey! Don't worry 'bout the car and dance with us.

The car hits a tree.

DW (P2): Ooops.

When The Rain Begins To Fall

DW (P1): Don't drive that car too fast!

When The Rain Begins To Fall (P2): I don't care lol.

She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)

She Wolf (Falling To Pieces): What are you doing here?!

DW (P1): Don't ask, just keep on dancing!

She Wolf: I will freeze you!

DW (P2): Please no!

She Wolf (laughs): Just trolling!

Born This Way

DW (P1): Let's dance for equality!

Love Is All

DW (P2): Yes, we put a lot of love into our dance.

Love Is All (P1) winks at them.

DW (P2): Oh man, I'm tired.

DW (P1): Same.

Love Is All (P2): Thank you guys for the great day! See you someday!

DW (P1 and P2): Goodbye!

Everyone whom the Don't Worry coaches visited is now full of positive energy, and shares them with others. Now they go back to their dimension.

DW (P2): Thank you bestie, it was the best day ever!

DW (P1): Thank you too!


The end of episode 15.

Episode 16

The whole world is cheerful, people dance in the streets. Dark Horse watches them from a cloud.

Dark Horse: Yeah, stay happy, but once I finish my destruction plan and your end comes, you will no longer feel this way.

Dark Horse causes a little explosion on the street to scare others.

Groove (P2) is going to have a meeting with P1, during which he intends to make his mind possessed.

Groove (P2): Ghost In The Keys (P2), will you help me with possessing my friend's mind?

Ghost In The Keys (P2): Sure. I haven't really come up with an idea for who to choose.

Groove (P2): Let's go then.

Groove (P2) enters P1's apartment.

Groove (P1): Hey! Where have been? I've been waiting for long.

Groove (P2): Oh well, I was taking a massage course.

Groove (P1): Really? That's surprising... Wait, what is he doing here? He seems suspicious.

Groove (P2): Meet this great guy, Ghost In The Keys (P3). He's really cool.

Groove (P1): He doesn't seem to be okay.

Groove (P2): You can't judge a book by its cover. Anyway, I've come here to give you a back massage. You'll like it.

Groove (P2) actually wants to distract him in order to possess him more easily. Ghost In The Keys (P2) looks into Groove (P1)'s eyes.

After a few seconds...

Groove (P1): Wait. Are you massaging or holding me? Also, why are this scalecrow's eyes turning red? No! I don't wanna belong to Dark Horse!

Groove (P1) slaps P2. Then Dark Horse reveals.

Dark Horse: You seriously don't wanna mess with my army!

Dark Horse possesses Groove (P1) herself. Groove (P1)'s eyes turn red.

Groove (P1): Dark Horse, I am your witness. Dark Horse, I am your witness. Dark Horse, I am your witness.

Dark Horse: Haha! Keep on doing this great job, guys! See you all soon!

Dark Horse gives a high five to Groove (both coaches) and Ghost In The Keys (P2). After that, she disappears and visits Toxic and Ghost In The Keys (P4) at hospital.

Dark Horse: Good morning! How many new witnesses?

Toxic: Oh, your majesty, all my recent patients. 12. (shows her the new witnesses)

Dark Horse: With my servants, that's a great number, but we still need more. Don't stop hiring them!

Toxic: I won't.

E.T. (from a distance, to herself): It needs to stop.

The end or episode 16.

Episode 17

Feeling very bothered with Dark Horse's recent actions, E.T. decides to finally put a stop to what she keeps on doing, and to discuss a new plan with Animals (Extreme) in the space.

E.T.: We need to talk.

Animals (Extreme): What's going on?

E.T.: I think you're entirely aware of Dark Horse's recent activities. This is getting out of hand! We must destroy her before she does it to us.

Animals (Extreme): Too much drama. She's not really harmful towards us, why then? What about asking Titanium to deal with it?

E.T.: Titanium can only destroy her physically, but I thought about... completely eliminating her soul.

Animals (Extreme): That's a great idea! And then, the whole world will be mine!

E.T: No? We need this to be ours!

Animals (Extreme): Honey, I won't risk such a chance for generosity. Everyone will praise me, the only king.

E.T.: What? Are you going to pull a Dark Horse? That's not the point. We need a free world, which is not affected by her powers.

Animals (Extreme): Listen, I don't care. Try to get this world for yourself, but it will belong to me anyway.

E.T.: Okay then. I will do this on my own! I don't need your help!

Animals (Extreme): And then I will defeat you in the final battle! Good luck, unslay queen!

E.T leaves Animals (Extreme), and decides to attend the Local Conference of Just Dance Withcraft.

A secret meeting place with a long table by which people involved in magic sit.

This Is Halloween (P4): Welcome to the Conference of Just Dance Witchcraft. Today we are going to discuss on the plan of getting rid of Dark Horse, another time.

Professor Pumplestickle (P1): Just Dance Machine Twerk had a good idea to twerk in front of her. We should've tried this.

This Is Halloween (P4): Professor Pumplestickle P1, this joke is no longer funny. One more time, and you will be excluded from the meeting. Any better idea?

Time Warp (P2): So, I've come up with an idea for...

E.T interferes, and then Time Warp (P2) rolls her eyes.

E.T: My idea is... we should get rid of her soul.

Gasps of amazement

TIH (P4): Great! This is what we've been looking for! We may hold a particular ritual during which this will take place. But this must be kept as a secret, let's not let everyone know. If Dark Horse finds out what we are doing, we will be over. Alright, try to secretly find some volunteers. Meanwhile, E.T and I will make a list of proper ingredients.

The end of episode 17.

Episode 18

The day (or the night, to be more precise) of the magic mass “binding” ritual against Dark Horse has finally come.

This Is Halloween (P4): We are all here gathered, at the Egyptian cemetery for this unusual mass to say our final goodbye to Dark Horse, who has been threatening us for centuries. Before the stroke of midnight, let me remind you what we are going to do. E.T and I have prepared the following stuff: an unflaterring drawing of Dark Horse, a tarot card showing the destruction of the main pyramid, a golden cup of Egyptian poison, a lighter, a bottle of titanium dioxide, a small bowl of sand, a wooden horse figure, and an old Egyptian book. Wait, midnight has struck! Now, let's start.

This Is Halloween (P1) lights the campfire and puts the drawing of Dark Horse in front of it.

This Is Halloween (P4): Dark Horse, this is the end of your reign.

Others: Dark Horse, nobody will ever be your witness again!

TIH (P4): Dark Horse, you thought you could transform into a golden goddess, but your soul inside is made of wood! You and everyone who abets you will be wiped out.

Professor Pumplestickle (P1), using a knife, inscribes "Dark Horse" at the horse figure using a knife, pours out the Egyptian poison, puts the figure into the fire, adding some sand from the desert.

This Is Halloween (P4): Before we revive these three mummies and the camel, let's protect ourselves using titanium dioxide.

This Is Halloween (P4) marks everyone with the substance, breaks the satirical Dark Horse drawing, and puts the card on it. Meanwhile Ghost in the Keys (P4), whose job is providing spiritual security notices this happening.

TIH (P4): Abracadabra, dear lords and ghosts of this old world. Don't let Dark Horse ruin it entirely, don't let her hurt anyone. Wipe out her and everyone who abets her.

The Night Boat To Cairo coaches come back to life. Once they leave their sarcophaguses and open their graves, they start their ritual dance (from their original routine). Shortly before the end of their routine, Dark Horse and her army (both from the background and the one that is possessed) arrives. Nobody notices them, and Dark Horse manages to shoot (using her magic) two mummies (P1 and P3), completely destroying her. It's unknown that Dark Horse is here, because she's made her and her helpers invisible.

E.T.: What happened?

TIH (P4) I don't know... The mass hasn't ended yet. Is it a negative effect of the spells we've chosen?

Dark Horse (becomes visible in her golden image): No, it's the end of you all! Get them!

Dark Horse's army becomes visible.

Dark Horse (takes her aim at E.T.): Time for your last goodbye!

E.T. (incredibly scared): No!

The shot is on its way to E.T., but then Burn, the goddess of the wind, who's hidden in an unknown place, moves the shot and directs it towards Dark Horse, but then one of the male servants protects her, and is lost himself instead.

Burn (to E.T and others): Run away till I can do anything!

Burn causes a tornado to move Dark Horse, her servants, and let others get away, but then Dark Horse causes a storm, which prevents almost everyone from leaving, except for E.T, This Is Halloween (P3) and the remaining Night Boat To Cairo coaches, who manage to escape. The ones who stayed at the cemetery, got imprisoned.

After they're far away enough to feel safe.

E.T.: Is there anything left we can do now?

TIH (P3): With the two mummies no longer living, and the mass not finished yet, I doubt so.

E.T. makes a sorrowful face.

The end of episode 18.

Episode 19

Animals (Extreme) finds out E.T.'s plan hasn't succeeded.

Animals (Extreme): Thank Dark Horse, E.T's probably over. Now it's time for me to take action, but I must find some good collaborators first... yeah.

Animals (Extreme) visits Worth It.

Animals (X): Hey Worth It.

Worth It (considering him as a bad person): What are you doing here?

Animals (X): I've come here to talk about my plan to get rid of Dark Horse. I'm aware of the fact you defeated her in the past.

Worth It: Fine. What's your proposal then?

Animals (X): I've considered building a tunnel under the main pyramid to find a specific spell to eliminate her soul.

Worth It: I know someone who can help you. The Lazy Song knows a lot of stuff about this terrain.

Animals (X): Alright, I'll talk to him then.

Animals (Extreme) arranges everything with The Lazy Song, and hires people to help them. The tunnel starts being dug.

E.T. tries to come up with an alternative idea.

E.T.: I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

This Is Halloween (P3): Why don't you go and meet Animals (Extreme)?

E.T.: I can't! Last time we met, I swore I would do it myself, and he's now my enemy too. He can be dangerous.

Night Boat To Cairo (P2): To be very honest, why did you even wake us up? It was nice to sleep in the grave, what a waste...

Night Boat To Cairo (P4): You're somehow right.

E.T.: Come on! I wanted you to help me... we found some great spells.

NBTC (P4): "Great" spells. Do you really think anything you find in books is right? These modern people are so dumb. Magicians that lived centuries ago made clever decisions.

TIH (P3): There are actually still some ways...

E.T.: Really?

TIH (P3): Forget about the soul removal, but you can threaten Dark Horse's army in some ways... Actually, let's make an appointment with Walk Like An Egyptian! Her knowledge should be sufficient.

Night Boat To Cairo (P4): That's true. We used to know her. She's a great regional magician.

E.T.: Seriously?

Night Boat To Cairo (P2): Yes, we should try. Don't worry E.T.. We're with you, we'll do our best to let you win. Animals (Extreme) isn't the best idea for replacement at all. He will be a new reincarnation of Dark Horse if it happens. Stay strong! Let's go.

E.T. smiles.

E.T and her current team visit Walk Like An Egyptian at her hut.

Walk Like An Egyptian: Hello E.T., how can I help you?... Wait! Night Boat To Cairo P2 and P4? My long lost idols! But you died centuries ago... I'm speechless. Can anyone explain what's going on here?

E.T: There was a magical ritual during which they were revived. the members of Local Witchcraft and I wanted them to help me with spells removing Dark Horse's soul...

Walk Like An Egyptian: That was crazy. Did it go well? Did the spell work?

E.T: Dark Horse attacked some of us when we weren't even done with it. Night Boat To Cairo P1 and P3 are no longer alive, and the other members of Local Witchraft were imprisoned. That's why we've come here. We basically want to know what we can do.

Walk Like An Egyptian: I'm very sorry to hear this. There are a few spells, let me have a look.

The end of episode 19.

Episode 20 (Season Finale)

Meanwhile Animals (Extreme)'s tunnel has been being dug for 4 hours and not much has been done.

Animals (Extreme): Keep working! Who knows if Dark Horse may find out what we're doing.

The Lazy Song: I'm not protesting, but why can't you just go to her and destroy her?

Animals (X): I could be able to, but we're thought to be on good terms with each other. It's better for her to end her existence suddenly, instead of starting all her drama, the perfect storm, etc.

The Lazy Song: This makes sense.

Electro Body Combat: It seems like something is coming...

Animals (X): What?

When The Rain Begins To Fall get two trucks to which they have added drills to make digging faster. The Timber coaches follow them in another truck.

When The Rain Begins (P1) (Skipping the diggers and using the drill to make the tunnel long enough to get into the pyramid): You guys are such dummies, instead of..

A black hole appears on the way, and the two coaches fall into a different dimension. Then a vision of the face of Scream & Shout (Extreme) appears in a big size and he can be seen talking.

Scream & Shout (Extreme): I am the god of illusions, the only one, and you will all be gone.

Scream & Shout (Extreme) springs out of the illusion, jumps on Animals (Extreme) and drags him on the ground, but then Animals (Extreme) handles him and throws him into the black hole, teleporting him into a different dimension too.

Animals (Extreme): You may be the god of illusions, but I am the god of illusions and battle!

The Lazy Song: You've deeply amazed me.

Animals (Extreme): Let's skip the hole and keep digging the tunnel!

Meanwhile, let's see what spells Walk Like An Egyptian has found.

Walk Like An Egyptian: There is something helpful... (smiles) Do you want to play a game with Dark Horse's servants?

E.T.: Excuse me?

WLAE: Have a look at the mirror. You can see one of them. With the power of these two predecessors, you control him.

E.T.: I'd rather see the one that's near to her.

E.T. chooses the mentioned one, and then Dark Horse starts the red carpet.

E.T.: I know what I'll do!

E.T. moves one of his arms that he hits Dark Horse's head and then she faints.

E.T.: Yes! I've done it!

WLAE: Don't talk too much! Get into the pyramid until she wakes up!

At the same time Animals (Extreme) has finished the tunnel.

Animals (Extreme): Thank you guys so much. Will you maybe help me with finding the best spell I could use?

The Lazy Song: Why not? Unless we're endangered.

Isidora: I'll stay near the entrance of the tunnel to see if somebody is following us.

Animals (Extreme): Good idea.

E.T. and her company arrive at the pyramids. Dark Horse's main servants are focused on making her wake up, but Dark Horse's witnesses notice them. Walk Like An Egyptian casts a spell on them which puts them into bubbles.

The Lazy Song: I've found a book called "Knowledge About Soul". (gives the book to Animals (Extreme) and keeps looking for more books.

Animals (Extreme): I gotta see this. (reading the book) Wait, it's here!

E.T. suddenly steps into the room.

E.T. (not sounding nice): Good morning Animals (Extreme).

Animals (Extreme) gets shocked and drops the book on the floor before getting to know the spell entirely.

E.T.: You said we would meet for our final battle.

Animals (Extreme): And now I'll wipe you out! (starts casting a spell)

E.T: Magic doesn't work in this room.

Animals (Extreme) notices a table saying "Anti-magic room". Meanwhile E.T. steals the book.

Animals (Extreme): You won't!

Animals (Extreme) chases E.T. when she reads the book in different tunnels of the pyramid. After a while E.T. drops it too, and then Animals (Extreme) reads the spell, so now they both know it. They later stop to cast the soul removal spell on each other, and are about to do this, but then Dark Horse enters the tunnel they're in and joins the battle.

Dark Horse: Now we're three. You thought the world would belong to one of you, but you both were wrong!

All the 3 dancers start casting the spell on one another, a shiny line appears between them, the pyramid explodes, shortly after that, the whole world explodes, white smoke appears everywhere. Then the books opens at a special page saying "If three gods use the soul removal spell at once, against one another and inside the pyramid, the whole Just Dance world will be cursed, and everything will change".


The end of episode 20,

The end of season 2.

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