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The third season of the ''Just Dance Stories'' series, which has been discontinued.
The series is back! This season will be very different from the last two, and has been heavily affected by the end of the second season. Also, since I don't have that much time for this, don't expect me to post new episodes very often, but I love doing this, so I don't want to give up. :)
Useful links:
Useful links:
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The end of episode 16.
The end of episode 16.
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The third season of the Just Dance Stories series, which has been discontinued.

Useful links:

Season one.

Season two.

Episode 1 (New World Order)

(Refering to episode 20 of season 2...)

After Dark Horse, E.T. and Animals (Extreme) had attempted to remove one another's soul by casting a spell, the whole world exploded...

Then the book they used to learn the spell opened at a page saying "If three gods use the soul removal spell at once, against one another and inside the pyramid, the whole Just Dance world will be cursed, and everything will change".

And it happened, indeed, everything, everything did change...

An endless room... Just Dancers woke up... without any way to escape, as it was the same thing everywhere, except for a thirteen thrones, on which Where Have You Been, She Wolf, #THATpower (Extreme), Dark Horse, E.T., Scream & Shout (Extreme), Iko Iko, Burn, Fatima, Worth It, Animals (Extreme), Hey Mama and Lights took a seat.

Nobody was saying a thing, but then Dark Horse P2, a very controversial character of Just Dance Stories interrupted the silence, starting the expected debate...

Dark Horse (P2): It's a new world order.

Dark Horse's servants: It's a new world order!

E.T: Only one of us will win.

Where Have You Been: With the help of our armies, and my fire.

Scream & Shout (Extreme): Each of us will have a kingdom. All of them will be separated by walls, and anyone who tries to cross them, will be destroyed by Titanium and their soul will be removed by Ghostbusters. And this way, certain members will be slowly disappearing until one the elected ones, the one who deserves to win, stay. Eventually, one kingdom will win, and will remain the only one.

Every ruler: Deal!

#THATpower: With all the members agreeing on this plan, we now have to set the kingdoms and their essence.

A low voice appeared out of the blue to announce the wanted information.

Seemingly automatic voice:

  • Where Have You Been - the Kingdom of Fire
  • She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) - the Kingdom of Ice
  • #thatPOWER (Extreme) - the Kingdom of Robots and Technical Creatures
  • Dark Horse - the Kingdom of Cleopatras, Egyptian People and the Witnesses of Dark Horse
  • E.T - the Kingdom of Former Local Witchcraft
  • Scream & Shout (Extreme) - the Kingdom of Fabulousness, Fashion and Illusions
  • Iko Iko - the Kingdom of Tribality and Plants
  • Burn - the Kingdom of Wind
  • Fatima - the Kingdom of Orientalism
  • Worth It - the Kingdom of Beauty
  • Animals (Extreme) - the Kingdom of Battle and Selfcenteredness
  • Hey Mama - the Kingdom of Women's Emancipation and Takeover
  • Lights - the Kingdom of Existence and Creating

Except for the rulers, the message shocked everyone.

Uptown Funk (C3): Cup! What does it all mean?

Uptown Funk (C4) (crying): I don't want to lose you honey!

Into You: Is it the end of us?

Good Feeling (Extreme): Love never dies.

Heartbeat Song: I will miss you all! Sorry for everything.

After the list of the kingdoms was read, the secret hall disappeared, and everyone forgot about what had happened earlier.

The end of episode 1.

Episode 2 (Introduction to the Future of Lives Part 1)

The very first day of the kingdoms started. This one was meant to teach others about the future of their lives.

In the Kingdom of Fire

Everyone from the kingdom appeared on a little and red-colored arena, sitting in rows, looking at Where Have You Been making a speech onstage.

Where Have You Been: Is there anything in the world stronger than fire? No, there isn't. That is why we will run this world, and once every kingdom runs out, we will be the ones who will stay! And don't dare to leave! It is honestly your choice, but you won't make it out alive through the wall of fire!

She Looks So Perfect (P1): I don't know what's scarier: burning or looking at her ugly face, haha...

Till I Find You: Haha, man that's edgy.

Where Have You Been (Extreme) heard what had just been said, so she gently left her seat, and quoted the joke to Where Have You Been loudly.

Where Have You Been (Extreme): Majesty, he's just made fun of your face!

SLSP (P1): No! Don't!

WHYB: Don't you ever insult My Infernal Majesty!

Then the fire surrounded She Looks So Perfect (P1), and he disappeared.

Automatic Voice: She Looks So Perfect (P1) is eliminated.

WHYB: This is a perfect example of what will happen to you if you dare to do this! Obey me!

Then a ceiling-like portion of fire appeared above everyone.

WHYB: "We will listen to you, Infernal Majesty!", repeat!

And then everyone repeated the phrase.

WHYB: That's how it goes. Now find your places and rest before the actual ride starts, go!

The conference ended, and the people started getting round.

BonBon: I'm literally broke... Don't know what to say.

Can't Hold Us (hugging BonBon): I hope someday we'll make it like the ceiling can't hold us... Alright, let's go find something.

And the night came.

In the Kigdom of Ice

Here, in the snowy land, inhabitants had to wait till it was little time till the sunset, to better understand the meaning of the situation. She Wolf took them to a cave where like in the world they used to live in, unbelieveable rituals took place.

She Wolf: I will say what I need to, before something weird starts. What's a fact, it's another time when I have to deal with Where Have You Been's fantasy, it's nothing new for me. Anyway, to ensure you about your strength, I will give you all a few amounts of the power to freeze your enemies. However, it is only supposed to be used against the ones from other parts of the new world - when they threaten you, and not against anyone else here. If there's something bad, notify me.

And now that the ritual is starting, this is the only time you can witness, otherwise secret changes will happen to you. Just like you, I'm a work of nature. Every night when I'm here, my skin glows black, and later, I go crazy, I'm capable of many things. However, I'm not the only supernatural one - you will be given an inside kind of heat.

She Wolf spinned around a few times to produce the heat.

She Wolf: Okay. Now take the heat and leave as soon as possible! I'm about to get crazy!

The cave was being left, but then I Don't Feel Like Dancin' stopped to convince somebody doing something.

I Don't Feel Like Dancin: I can't! I love being crazy! I must see this!

That's Not My Name: That's too risky! Don't even think about this!

I Don't Feel Like Dancin (holds the friend's hand): I live for such moments! We gotta do this!

The friends entered the cave, but then She Wolf ran very fast towards them.

She Wolf: I am too crazy right now!

The two people were frozen.

Automatic voice: I Don't Feel Like Dancin' and That's Not My Name are eliminated.

The whole kingdom heard an angry and loud shout before falling asleep. That's how the day finished.

In the Kingdom of Former Local Witchcraft

The word "former" spoke for itself, so E.T. cast a spell on herself to find out about the past, being the first one to remember a thing from the past world. In a witchy and wooden building, the witchery members met again and sat by the tables, listening to what E.T. had to say to them.

"E.T.": Welcome everyone again. Both the ones who have been here from the very beginning and the ones who have just joined us. I've not really been part of this association for long, but now I will rule it. However, I will not do this for my glory, but for us all, and you, each of you is very important for the future of the world. There have been ages of trying to conquer Dark Horse. We have had ideas for lots of magical spells to fulfill this dream. We have experienced ups and downs. Despite the latter, we haven't even given up and we still do keep on trying, and that's why we are the winners, because we haven't quitted and we never will. The quitters won't do what the winners do. Our knowledge about magic is way richer than the other kingdoms'. The battle is now way more difficult, because Dark Horse and... (was about to mention Animals (Extreme), but then decided not to, avoiding making others aware of the quarrel.) umm, Dark Horse - she's not the only one to compete with, but all we need to is peacefully join forces and we will make it someday!

E.T. apparently forgot she was the only one to know the past of the world, so everyone was confused. What's a fact, reminding others of certain things helped the memories came back to them.

Professor Pumplestickle (P1): What has Dark Horse done to us? Why are we supposed to be so negative towards her?

Cosmic Girl: You! Aren't you the one who wanted the world for yourself? Maybe you only need our power?

E.T.: But remember, my friends. If we want to get this world, we must spread love and never argue, so please don't ever say anything what's against what I say to you - or you're no longer one of us.

Cosmic Girl: I'm not sure. You're not a peaceful person yourself. I remember how you were constantly arguing with Animals (Extreme)!

E.T. (felt very awkward): Stay positive! Don't tell lies! (used a magical spell moving Cosmic Girl to the wall to remove her.

Automatic voice: Cosmic Girl is eliminated.

E.T.: Okay now goodbye!

E.T. hid away fast crying because somebody else had started spreading the real information about her past - which she didn't want others to know about.

Episode 3 (Introduction to the Future of Lives Part 2)

In the Kingdom of Fabulousness, Fashion and Illusions

There was a flash everywhere out of which a catwalk appeared, and it seemed like something was about to happen. Footlights kept pointing certain places of the stage. Then the coaches of the Classic version of Scream & Shout were performing the song while showing off. After that, smoke became visible without apparent cause and the Extreme coach arrived at the place. The performers were applauded.

Scream & Shout (Extreme) (proud of the singers): True, they are great singers and dancers! Keep praising them!

After a great deal of seconds of the applause.

Scream & Shout (Extreme): Welcome everyone! This is the catwalk, this is your new place! The rules are easy: be fabulous or "goodbye!". This honorous kingdom is only for the best ones, and if you're not one of them, don't worry, we will find out soon! (laughed) Now, let's take a very great picture of us all! Of the greatest! (the picture was taken) Okay, now I can see who doesn't fit in, so I can see to whom I'll wish "farewell" very soon! (laughed) Just joking, but some of you seriously need to change, cause you're ugly, and your clothes suck. Continuing, Yuck! (looked at Mister) Yes, I'm looking at you! Get on stage, my eyes are hurting! Okay, do change her hair first! It should be long!

Mister: I don't want my hair to be long though.

S&S (X): But it's the only way to make you look cool in any way! Arghh, just leave now!

S&S (Classic coaches): You are not fashionable. You are not worth a thing.

Mister: So... I...

S&S (P3): No, it's too late. You have only one chance to be honored this way! The king himself wanted to help you, but you disagreed! Goodbye!

The catwalk opened with a tunnel leading to the kingdom border. Then illusions of hateful photographers led her to the end.

Automatic voice: Mister is eliminated.

S&S (Extreme): I'm done right now! Take a break now. I'll classify you later.

In the Kingdom of Women's Emancipation and Takeover

On a sunny day, Hey Mama and all of her backup dancers prepared for a beginning assembly at the place that's known as the background. Hey Mama was welcoming everyone (though not really all the inhabitants in the best way, as it can be seen) while her servants were obediently standing behind her.

Hey Mama: Oh, women! I would love to welcome all the beautiful women from the Just Dance world! You, the beautiful gender, in the past were not equally treated, and perhaps it has still been happening to some of you. However, now it is all to change! You will be the queens of the world, and males will serve you forever, trust me, forever. I will teach you how to fight for your rights, and no man can ever say "no" to you! Never! And I swear I will help you all let it happen. With the help of the endless number of my servants - and now also your servants, there is no way you will be denied a thing - every action like this will be punished.

The servants bowed and the men started speculating about a possible protest.

Hey Mama: Women, basically look at me. I am now poking one of my men. He will obey me anyway.

Hey Mama (P1): Madam, I am delighted to be touched by you.

The women showed their joy by laughing. So did Hey Mama.

Hey Mama: Can you see it? Can you see it?

Then, a part of the community started to rebel.

The rebelliants: We are humans! We are equal!

Hey Mama: Already on the first day? Well, servants, get them!

Then lots of the backup dancers caught them.

Hey Mama: Place them in the anti-feminophobic dungeon!

Hey Mama (Servants): We will, madam.

Uptown Funk Alt (P2): "Anti-feminophobic"? You are the one disrespecting men! We want justice! I will never give up.

Hey Mama: Oh, really? Well, then take the intelligent man to Ghostbusters to remove his soul. Another one in my male gallery.

The army took the bravest protester to Ghostbusters, and the order was fulfilled.

Automatic voice: Uptown Funk Tuxedo Version P2 is eliminated.

Hey Mama: Okay then! Men, you have your last normal night in your life and go to sleep. You can feel free tonight. And women, let's have a party!

In the Kingdom of Existence and Creating

Ligths made the first meeting unbelievably fantastic and seated everyone in open bubbles in which they could feel safe, but free at once. She herself appeared up in the air on a little platform she had just created.

Lights: Welcome. There are many kingdoms. But the one in which you are going to live is extraordinary. You will be extraordinary. My power is that I can, without using anything, create other worlds and structures, and I will teach you all how to do this. Even when they think we are conquered, we can all find our place in what we create, our separate dimensions.

Everyone was astonished and happy that they were meant to be inhabitants of Light's imperium, and there was big applause.

Lights: Thank you for your respect. I am proud to have such collaborators.

Crowds: Lights the queen!

Lights: Alright, now enjoy your day. Make wishlists of the things you want and I'll create them for you! I desire your happiness here!

99 Luftballons: Neunundneunzig Luftballons!

Ligths created 99 balloons.

99 Luftballons (P2): Let's have an aerial trip to see all the beautiful kingdoms!

99 Luftballons (P1): Yeah, I love this idea!

Lights (in a friendly tone, trying to help them): Wait, No! Don't cross any border!

Lights tried to help them using her power, but Ghostbusters stole their souls fast.

Automatic voice: 99 Luftballons P1 and P2 are eliminated.

Lights: Guys, there is something for you to memorise: Crossing the border affects in the elimination! It was told you during the very first meeting, and don't try to do this. Now, let's continue the fun.

The end of episode 3.

Episode 4 (Introduction to the Future of Lives Part 3)=

There was a lot of fire that day, but that is how it only looked in 6 kingdoms, and there are other 7 in which the drama was present as well.

In the Kingdom of Robots and Technical Creatures

This one's scenery was very futuristic, hence the name. The leader, #ThatPOWER (Extreme) met the inhabitants at a modern platform.

#thatPOWER (Extreme): Hello robots and works of technology! We, and only we are unusual, ahead of others, because we are already in the future. The future is when technology is stronger than pure humans. As a half-robot and a half-human, I am honored to rule this new kingdom, and soon the whole world. Remember, technology is the future of the world and no obolete ways will ever handle it. To turn this ideology into things, I will accentuate this ceremony of the beginning of the awaited future by imprisoning everyone who's not one of us!

Then cages fell at the "non-technologic" ones.

#thatPOWER (Extreme): The goals that have been set are now the truth! Remember, don't become friends with any of them or don't support them when they want to rebel! Otherwise you're not one of us! Now let's party!

Radical (said to herself, her hald-human soul): This doesn't sound okay.

Then a cage was opened by an unknown person.

thatPOWER (P3): Sir, something has happened!

thatPOWER (Extreme): No! Not on the first day! Find them asap!

thatPOWER (P2): Lord, there's nobody here!

thatPOWER (Extreme): It's time for the party to end! And it won't happen again till you catch them! My perfect idea might be ruined!

Hidden in a dark place, Radical and her two new friends stopped.

Radical: Are you feeling safe here?

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Alt P4: Yes, we are. Thank you! Kids shan't ever be slaves!

Radical: It's true. Fine then, don't tell anyone I have helped you. Goodbye.

Radical left then, as it wasn't apparent she was the criminalist.

Watch Me Alt P3: Daddy, it's so dark here! I want to see the light!

Watch Me Alt P4: No, don't get out!

Watch Me Alt P3 ran away, and his father followed him, trying to chase his child.

thatPOWER (P2): Oh, here you are!

Automatic voice: Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Alternate Family Battle Version P4 is eliminated.

The little boy, though, wasn't noticed.

thatPOWER (Extreme) (to his servants): Is that all? Just one person?

thatPOWER (P1): Well, that's somehow confusing.

thatPOWER (Extreme): I will check your memory.... Liar! Everyone else will need to be found, even that child!

thatPOWER (P1): They will.

In the Kingdom of Tribality and Plants

In the middle of a jungle, in a temple, Iko Iko organised the assembly. She started with a traditional tribal mantra.

Iko Iko: Welcome to the world jungle. Here we are gathered to celebrate our tribality and closeness to the nature. We are the strong people because the world around us is all a work of earth. We will be the survivors. I control the nature, so I decide about what happens here and I'll give you the most crucial things to live. I will teach you how to use it properly. Let's have a dance around the campfire!

Then the people had a lot of fun dancing while Tribal Dance were singing their song. You Never Can Tell fell in love with each other and the environment.

You Never Can Tell (P1): The jungle is beautiful like you.

You Never Can Tell (P2): Thanks. Would you like to go and see it with me?

YNC (P1): How to get in? There are trees blocking us.... I'll burn some of them!

YNC (P2): That's a good idea!

P1 brought the fire. The trees started to emit magic, which went towards others.

Iko Iko: We are all now cursed, thanks to your act of demolishing the rainforest.

Iko Iko, horrified, changed them into trees.

Automatic Voice: You Never Can Tell P1 and P2 are eliminated.

In the Kingdom of Beauty

In the beginning background of the routine, Worth It welcomed the ones that had been directed to her, standing on the platform.

Worth It: Welcome to the mythological world of beauty! I am Worth It. I will show you all how to be pretty, strong and self-confident. We cannot let others take us down. There will be beauty queen contests, both for the boys and girls of course, but that is only to teach you how to survive in this world. I will try to make you feel the best as you can and prepared for the bad things that the rivalisation with the other kingdoms hides. I want you to be... as perfect as possible! We will start very soon! Now, take your time and get to know one another!

Satellite: Hi, I'm satellite. A beauty.

What You Waiting For?: What? You? You must be joking! I'm a prettier beauty. I'm the prettiest babe in the world!

Primadonna: What've you just said? I am!

What You Waiting For?: Bish, are you okay? Are you messing with the double queen?

Why Oh Why (P2): Girls, I'm the real gentleman, and you should stop.

Worth It: He's right! You are all supposed to be kind to each of you! Otherwise you can't be queens! This behaviour is unacceptable.

Primadonna: I want it all. Not everything is for everyone. That's logical.

WYWF: How do you expect you'll have everything if there is nothing inside of you?

WI: Both of you have just crossed the line! You have received an elimination warning!

Then Primadonna pretended crying.

Primadonna: You! Your attitude is just terrible. Look what you've done...

WYWF: Okay, I am stepping back right now, but if you mess around, I'll hunt you down.

Primadonna: Worth It! Look! She's threatening me!

Worth It: What You Waiting For?! Now I have to regretfully eliminate you. You've done way too much.

Automatic voice: What You Waiting For? is eliminated.

Primadonna (smiled and said to herself in her mind): Ha. Now one queen wannabe knocked down. This game will be mine.

The end of episode 4.

Episodes 5 and 6 are to premiere later.

Episode 7 (Your Karma Keeps Receipts)

After the tiring day, Till I Find You woke up hearing somebody knocking at his door. The person turned out to be Where Have You Been (Extreme), somebody who had made his friend get eliminated.

Till I Find You: You... What do you want?

Where Have You Been (Extreme): You will take care of the Infernal Majesty's hair today.

TIFY: What? Get of...

Then Till I Find You was about to close the door, but he was stopped.

WHYB X: You will do it. Otherwise you will be the next one eliminated.

TIFY: Yeah right. How would you make it happen?

WHYB X: Listen you fool. I'm the most beloved servant of Where Have You Been. She loves me more than anyone. I'm aware that you laughed at the joke your friend said. I can tell her about that.

Then Till I Find You facepalmed and nothing else needed to be said.

He went straight to her beauty salon and got on his knees.

TIFY: Dear Infernal Majesty.

Where Have You Been (negatively surprised): What are you doing here?

TIFY: I've been asked to replace Where Have You Been Extreme at her job today.

WHYB (laughing): Are you serious?! I bet you can't do it the way she can.

TIFY (after a moment of silence, dishonestly, but not having any other idea what to say): Maybe I can.

WHYB: Okay, start now, but don't mess it up, or you'll just be asked to leave. Forever.

TIFY: So... what to do?

WHYB (rolling her eyes): Argh.. put the gel on my hair.

TIFY: Good idea.

Till I Find You then noticed that there were about 40 kinds of gel, and chose one saying "Anti-cold gel". Where Have You Been was lying relaxed. Then as soon as he had touched her hair he screamed very loudly.

TIFY: Aaaaah! I've almost lost my hands!

WHYB: And you wanna be a professional hairdresser?! Remember to take the gloves on!

TIFY: If I can feel them...

Then, Till I Find You didn't lose his hope, took a deep breath and took the gloves on, now trying to lay her hair. Unfortunately, he didn't succeed.

WHYB: Man! Don't treat my hair like that!

After a few seconds, she got even more furious.

WHYB: No! I can't stand this! Just leave or I will eliminate you! Go! And bring Where Have You Been (Extreme) back!

TIFY: Infernal Majesty, she forced me to come here.

WHYB: Did she?

Then Where Have You Been shouted the most loudly she could as if she had been a beast that everyone in the kingdom heard her.

WHYB: Where Have You Been (Extreme)! Come here!

WHYB (X): Yes, Infernal Majesty?

WHYB: Why did you force him to replace you?! Do you want my hair to be the ugliest in the world?!

WHYB (X): But Infernal Majesty, he...

WHYB: No! Don't blame it on him! This is unacceptable! Next time you ever do this, you will say goodbye to this world. Now go and fix all the mess you made him do!

WHYB (X): (embarrassed): I apologize.

WHYB: Now, Till I Find You, have a good day.

Then Where Have You Been continued complaining about her best servant, so that Till I Find You ironically smiled towards the one who had made him take up this challenge.

The end of episode 7.

Episode 8 (Werewolf Part 1)

She Wolf believed the ritual taking place every night was meant only and explicitly for her, but it turned out that there was somebody else who took this advantage.

At night, The Koi Suru Fortune Cookie were walking tough, uncertain and snowy roads, looking for the place to settle down. They were getting more and more tired, but couldn't find anything suiting them.

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (P1) (sighed): We are so poor. It's so cold here. We don't know where we are. Will we even survive this night?

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (P2): We should... we've got the inside heat. But yeah, it's terrible. We have nowhere to go, we don't have any aim. We are helpless.

KSFC (P1) (almost crying): Ugh... Oh, look! At least the moon is wonderful today!

KSFC (P2): It is. Wait, what is it on the rock?

KSFC (P1): Don't say it's a wolf! Please! I'm already scared!

KSFC (P2): It sadly is... but it's not close to us! Let's not panic.

Then the wolf went "wooo!"

KSFC (P1) (Crying): I've got thrilled!

KSFC (P2) (giving a hug to P2): I'll be with you!

Just a few seconds later, the girls noticed an unknown light.

KSFC (P1): What?!

KSFC (P2): Hide!

KSFC (P1): Where?!

KSFC (P2) (took her by the hand): Behind the bushes!

Then it looked like the light was coming from a motorbike and a spectacular creature was on it.

Born to Be Wild (riding the motorbike): Where are those footprints leading? I'm ready!

KSFC (P1): What to do?

KSFC (P2) (silently): Don't talk! Oh, wait, he's heard us.

Then the two friends ran deeply into the forest.

KSFC (P1): We could freeze him!

KSFC (P2): He's part of this kingdom. We might get eliminated.

KSFC (P1): What else can we do then?

A red light was then noticed far away from them.

KSFC (P2): He's going the wrong way! Let's go uphill!

KSFC (P1): Why?

KSFC (P2): We can't go downhill! There's just a river. Totally no escape there.

KSFC (P1): You're right! Fast!

The pair ran to the place where they'd originally stopped.

KSFC (P2): Before we run away, we need to do something.

KSFC (P1): What?

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (P2) punctured both tyres of the vehicle. Both girls laughed and followed path they had been going. When the mountain had started going down, they noticed two sleds.

KSFC (P1): Shall we use them? Haha.

KSFC (P2): Sure!

It was much fun sliding, but they eventually turned off the route, and woke up seeing two faces above them.

The end of episode 8.

Episode 9 (Werewolf Part 2)

The ending scene appeared again; they woke up noticing faces of two unknown people, but they were not too conscious.

Moskau (P2): Hello? Are you okay?

Moskau (P1): Maybe we'll take them home.

Moskau (P2): These two cute girls must be feeling fearfully. We should!

Then the Moskau coaches took them to a beautiful gingerbread palace by the river.

Moskau (P2): Lay them down and I'll prepare some tea.

Moskau (P1): I will. They look shocked.

A few minutes later.

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (P2): Where are we?

Moskau (P1): They're talking!

Moskau (P2): Drink tea to feel better. You can feel safe here.

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (P1): Oh, that's good.

Moskau (P1): We found you two in the morning near to our house. What's happened?

KSFC (P1): We've escaped from a werewolf.

Moskau (P2): Werewolf? Seriously?

KSFC (P2): Yes, a werewolf. We were hanging around in the hills' area and noticed one riding a motorcycle.

Moskau (P2): What then?

KSFC (P2): He started chasing us but we hid, and at the end, we lost him and then we found two sleds, and they were helpful. Are they yours?

Moskau (P1): No. The majority of kingdom must be endangered now... We need to tell She Wolf about his presence or get him.

KSFC (P2): Do you know where she lives?

Moskau (P1): Yes. It's quite a lot of time from there, but it's possible to reach... even today. Have a rest. We'll have to get our sleigh, horses and go soon.

The group went on the long trip to save the rest of the kingdom.

It turned out that it was an assembly at the time they'd arrived, so it was the best time to inform others about it.

Moskau (P1): Everyone! Listen! A dangerous werewolf is around!

She Wolf: What?!

KSFC (P1): And he uses the moonlight power!

She Wolf: Are you kidding me?

KSFC (P2): No! We've really seen one! I swear! We've come here to bother you about him!

She Wolf: I am the only one for whom the moonlight power is destinated, for whom it's natural! And you can't deny the facts!

The crowds had a big laughter then, and one secret guy almost entirely covered with clothes did too.

She Wolf: Have all of you four seen him?

Moskau (P1): No. Just those two girls, and we believed them.

She Wolf: I guess I sense two new people to be eliminated.

KSFC (P1) (getting on her knees and crying): No please! No! We are not lying. We can prove...

She Wolf: Okay, you have two nights more. Show me your "proof" or it's a goodbye.

After the meeting, the community got about and then the girls had no idea what to do.

KSFC (P2): How will we show them?

KSFC (P1): I will freeze him next time, I swear.

KSFC (P2): What if we don't succeed?

KSFC (P1): (wondered and smiled) We'll run away.

KSFC (P2): Oh, bestie, we will always keep together!

KSFC (P1): Yes, certainly.

The end of episode 9.

Episode 10 (Werewolf Part 3)

After a tiring day, Koi Suru Fortune Cookie needed to have a rest. However, they were no longer welcome in the central parts of the kingdom, so they decided to go wandering back to the forest, trying to find the werewolf.

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (P2): So no we have a big forest through which we'll do a research.

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (P1) refused to comment the situation. Song 2 was travelling on his snowboard via a little path, and stopped to mock them.

Song 2: Woo, are you the werewolf girls? What're you doing in the forest at such a time? Looking for your... haha, werewolf?

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P1: He exists.

Song 2: No, he doesn't.

Then a laughter was heard from the distance.

Born to Be Wild: Haha, I do! I do!

Song 2 (getting scared and sliding down): No!

Then Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P2 looked at P1.

KSFC P2: We know what to do.

KSFC P1: Yeah!

Then P1 and P2 looked around.

KSFC P1: Wait, where is here?

KSFC P2: There are so many trees here. He must have hidden somewhere!

Born to Be Wild: Woo!

KSFC P1 (starting crying): This is getting scary.

KSFC P2: No time to cry! Stay focused!

BTBW: Wooo!

Then P1 pointed at a very close tree.

KSFC P1: There!

KSFC P2: Run!

P1 ran spontaneously to the beach by the river and P2 uphill. The werewolf decided to follow P2, and being nearer to her, he scratched her but she froze him at the same time. Then her hair started growing and she transformed into a werewolf herself.

Automatic Voice: Born to Be Wild is eliminated.

KSFC P2: No! Woo! I must prove them they were wrong. I will take him to the cave at any cost.

P2 attempted to take him, but it was too heavy and she got furious.

KSFC P2: Aah, ahh!

Then somebody appeared out of the blue.

Gibberish P2: What's going on here? I can't sleep! What? Is it a werewolf?!

Then he looked around.

Gibberish P2: It's a werewolf! I'll report his presence!

The new werewolf's friend came back too.

KSFC P1: No!

Gibberish P2: Why? She's dangerous!

KSFC P1: You don't know what's happened! I don't want her to die!

Gibberish P2: Okay, but what can we...

Gibberish P2's conversation with Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P1 distracted him so much that he couldn't see the werewolf coming and Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P2 scratched him.

Gibberish P2: Woo! Why have you done this?!

KSFC P2: I want your prey!

KSFC P1: Ahhhh!

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P2 started attacking the very new werewolf.

KSFC P1: No! Don't do this!

The concerned friend froze Gibberish P2.

Automatic Voice: Gibberish P2 is eliminated.

KSFC P2: Why?!

KSFC P1: I wanted you to be safe!

KSFC P2: I needed meat! Now I'll need you!

Then P1 froze P2 in panic.

Automatic Voice: Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P2 is eliminated.

She Wolf got very anxious and bothered herself to come to where it had been happening, so angrily that it felt as if an airplane landed very fast in such a small area.

She Wolf: For winter's sake! Who keeps on eliminating all these people?

Gibberish P1 (Suddenly came and got surprised in a bad way): Why is my boyfriend frozen?

KSFC P1: See! All the werewolves were real!

She Wolf: You can't abuse your power! Before I eliminate you, you will spend your time in an icy cage until you tell me all the things that've happened in this place! And you, Gibberish P1, as a witness, will also have to be interrogated by me, the judge.

Gibberish P1: But I have not even done anything!

Then She Wolf took the criminalist to the cave where she placed her in the cage and where Gibberish P1 had to stay until the end of the trial.

The end of episode 10.

Episode 11

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P1 had had a difficult night. The following day, she woke up in the middle of a public place, where everyone watched her and she felt ashamed.

Rasputin (making fun of the slave): Werewolf girl! Where is your friend?

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P1: It is now confirmed the werewolf was real. She's eliminated.

Rasputin: Hahaha, look how serious this kiddo can be.

Then some other people, including Soul Bossa Nova P2, laughed.

Gibberish P1, who's in the other cage, did not want to be silent on this matter.

Gibberish P1: You've not been there!

Soul Bossa Nova P2: So?

Then a morning assembly started.

She Wolf: I have asked you all to come here, because I have news for you to announce. Tonight, before the moon comes after the sunset, with your help, I will get to know everything about the werewolves, and then we will pleasurably eliminate the delinquent, because of whom a bunch of citizens are gone!

KSFC P1: No!

A few minutes later, after the assembly, a pair wanted to ask for more attention for their milk, so they asked She Wolf for permission.

Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie (P1): She Wolf, before this happens, can we advertise our new milk?

She Wolf: Um, yes, you can... but don't take too much time! The assmebly mustn't be delayed!

Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie (P2): Of course.

The view of the two poor slaves made them feel bad, so after She Wolf had left, they decided to talk to them.

Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie P1: Oh, I am so sorry for you too.

Gibberish P1: So am I sorry for us.

OTDM P1: Werewolves are horrible. I know that freezing them all could have been the best idea to survive.

Gibberish P1: She froze my man though!

KSFC P1: My friend was in danger. I had to help her!

OTDM P1: It's such a terrible situation. To see an innocent girl being about to be eliminated.

OTDM P2: I've got an idea!

KSFC P1: What?

Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie P2 came up with an unbelievably good idea. He decided to hire people to release Koi Suru Fortune Cookie P1 during the presentation when She Wolf was distracted.

The anticipated time of the day came. Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie came with a huge transparent.

She Wolf: Why do you need so many helpers just to advertise something?

Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie P2: Look at the banner! It's so wide! We need a lot of help.

She Wolf: Nevermind. Start now!

Then She Wolf decided to stand amongst the audience to verify the advertisement. However, something was being hidden behind it.

Airplanes: Tightrope! Have the kettles?

Tightrope: Yes! Now let's keep splashing the hot water until the cage dissolves.

KSFC P1: Thank you so much! That's lovely.

Airplanes: Sh... Don't talk now!

Tightrope: It's working! You can now leave it.

Airplanes: We'll hide behind the banner, and once they are about to go, we'll be rolled into it. We can't get out until we're in a safe place. Get it?

KSFC P1: Okay.

OTDM P1: And that's why you should buy our milk!

She Wolf: Great! I love your concept!

OTDM P1: Thanks!

She Wolf: Do you need the transparent for later? It may be recyclable. I would take it if it's fine.

OTDM P2: Why not!

Then, as the banner was ready to be taken, She Wolf flew away with it, not even having a look at the cage and forgetting about what she intended to do, as the milk fascinated her. Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie remembered that there was somebody inside it, but it was too late.

OTDM P1: Wait! What about that girl?

ODTM P2: How could we forget?! Anyway, we'd better not look for her. We'd better run unless you want She Wolf to find us!

Then the helpful coaches escaped. She Wolf wasn't aware of her slave hidden in the transparent but she came to her mind when she was flying above remote forests. Then the held object came off her hand and fell down as she fast turned back towards the cave.

The end of episode 11.

Episode 12 (Spaceships)

That day Lights decided to teach her inhibitants the primary skills.

Lights: Today I will create a new dimension where you can learn your beginning skills.

Then Lights opened a portal for Lavada.

Lights: In this place, you are not supposed to cross the coast line, as there is lava, but you will get to create spaceships!

September P2: Oh yeah, ours must be the best!

September P3: Sure!

Lights: Okay, now put your hands in the following order.

Then the steps were followed.

Lights: Your spaceships have been created. Now enter them, but remember... not more than 4 people per one. These aren't too complex.

Then lots of the creatures started flying.

Lights: Are you all on board? Now train your skills! There is much space, so don't worry! You can also communicate.

Somebody came up with a cruel idea though.

September P2: Is Lights far away?

September P3: Umm... Yes, I guess so.

September P2: Well, let's show those drags who the best professionals are!

September P1: Sounds crazy!

September P2: Let's go!

Then an alert turned on on their spaceship.

September P2: Everybody, listen! Let's have a spaceship fight! The rules are easy. Hit another spaceship with your own!

Barbie Girl P1: Ken, this sounds... bad!

Barbie Girl P2: Hold tight honey! I'll protect you!

Another team didn't react in a positive way.

Hit the Road Jack P2 (hugging her partner): This is scary!

Hit the Road Jack P1: We will do this!

September P1: Seems like we have our target!

September P2: Yes. Let's go!

Then the 3 spaceships were flying fast towards one another, but September changed the direction at the last moment so that the other two spaceships hit each other and exploded.

Automatic voice: Barbie Girl P1 and P2, Hit the Road Jack P1 and P2, are eliminated.

September P1: Yes! High five!

Lights: What?!

Rock Lobster P1 (to P2): This is ridiculous! We need to report it to Lights!

September P2: No! Go hit them too!

Then the spaceship flew to Rock Lobster's but with an insufficient speed, so Rock Lobster's spaceship only fell down.

September P3: We are the champions!

It turned out that the lava wasn't actual, and there was a trampoline from which Rock Lobster' spaceship rebounded, hitting September's the way that it opened and September fell of it too.

Rock Lobster P2: The winners get an additional spaceship, ha!

Then Lights finally came.

Lights: What is happenning?

Rock Lobster P1: September started attacking others with their spaceship!

Then the September coaches bounced off the trampoline.

September P2: It's a lie!

RL P2: You are liars!

Lights: I don't know who's telling the truth! You are all getting banned from the spaceship zone! Now we're leaving.

When they'd got back to the kingdom, the September coaches stood against Rock Lobster.

September P2: You will never dare to mess with us again!

September P1: You will regret what you've said.

Rock Lobster P1 was shaking and too afraid to say anything, but at least P2 could break the silence, even though it was not much.

RL P2: You will.

September P3: See you on the next challenge if not earlier.

The end of episode 12.

Episode 13 (Superior, Interior)=

Time for Scream & Shout Extreme's opinion on others' look had come. He met with the dancers behind the catwalk and asked them to stand in a line.

Scream & Shout (Extreme): You are supposed to walk till the end of the catwalk, and then I will rate your overall appearance. I won't bother to change everyone I dislike the look of now. The uglier ones will go the worst group, and while waiting to be improved, you are to serve the superior beings. Get it? Now, get ready.

Sorry came first. The boss didn't mind his look.

Scream & Shout (Extreme): Great! Go to the better group!

All About Us (P2) followed him.

S&S X: Pretty good. Better one.

All About Us P3

S&S X: Not the best, but your shirt is quite fashionable... Can be.

All About Us P1

S&S X: Hats are so last-decade! Unqualified!


S&S X: Have you ever washed up? Is that bandanna to wipe up your sweat? Interior!

Bailar: Por favor, what do you mean?

S&S X: Just no!


S&S X: Classy! You're in!

Papaoutai P1

S&S X: Do you want to be fabulous or are you going on an audience for a kindergarten for adults? Rather the latter.

Want U Back

S&S X: Fantastic! Accepted.

Kiss You P4

S&S X: To begin with, this is not a Hawaiian-styled party. Secondly, your clothes look wrinkled and your jeans look like you've worn them for at least 10 years! Get better!

You’re the First, the Last, My Everything P3

S&S X: Finally! We need somebody to replace the lightbulbs! So if you're not taking part in the classification, please get to it!

You’re the First, the Last, My Everything P3: But I have come here to be graded...

S&S X: How clever are you? Just think! Why would anyone here want somebody like you? Changing the lightbulbs will be your first task!

Ain't No Other Man

S&S X: You look like a star! Be part of us!

Step By Step

S&S X: Leave. Honestly, all of you who disgust me time after time should pay me for even... ugh... attempting to look at you!

Beat Match Until I'm Blue

S&S X: Seriously! If you wanna make a living by giving fitness lessons, at least try to look nice! The reply is obvious...

Can't Feel My Face

S&S X: What a lit club look! Welcome!

What Is Love

S&S X: Do you aspire to be a star?

What Is Love: Yes, I could be the best singer.

S&S X: But at most you could sing at gas stations and only after 2AM when everyone else sleeps. What a Jagger wannabe. Go!

Limbo Sweat

S&S X: See, that fitness girl before? This one's body is so built well that she doesn't need to wear rags from a thrift shop! Yes, the better group is for you!


S&S X: Iconic! Cute! Two good ones in a row, what a nice moment.

Jump (both coaches)

Jump P1: I'd rather come with my bro.

Jump P2: Yep.

S&S X: Except why should I care? Also, look at your pants! I guess you still have not learned how to take on your clothes. I've never in my life thought that there are people who really can't do this. There are so many things to teach others and so many mysteries to unravel... I'll apparently need to have a coffee unless I want to get a heart attack! Break time!

After the break, Scream & Shout Extreme graded more dancers until the last one.

The end of episode 13

Episode 14 (Exhausting Breakfast)

It was right to think the men from Hey Mama's kingdom's would really change, and it was extremely apparent. The ruler called them.

Hey Mama P2: It's high time for your first breakfast! You will be served milk and cookies. However, you, we will have so much fun looking at you eating. Can anyone guess?

A moment of silence. The ones who had been imprisoned the day before were brought wearing collars on their necks. Then Hey Mama's main servants surrounded the other males and put the collars on them as well.

HM P2: Have you wondered how it feels to be a dog? You don't have to, because it's time for you to be ones!

Love Me Again (whispering): Please just let this be a nightmare.

HM P2: Okay then. Now you have to walk on all fours. If you want to eat... well, try to catch the cookies with your mouth! The beautiful women will keep throwing them. About milk... After eating, the sweet creatures will walk with milk bottles... but you have to deserve it first!

There was no doubt all the abused characters found the happening unbelievable.

Love Is All P1: Want a cookie? Catch one!

The unlucky Gold Dust couldn't survive much time doing such a tiring activity.

Gold Dust (barely breathing): I can't... I am giving up...

Hey Mama P2: Alright...

Automatic Voice: Gold Dust is eliminated.

Hey Mama P2: You think it's ridiculous I've eliminated him for this... Darling, I need highly-qualified workers!

At the same time, three other people were fighting over a cookie by trying to jump higher and higher.

Gentleman: Look! Handclap P1 has already eaten 4 cookies from Part of Me! Some of you can go there instead!

Then the other men replied as if they were as hungry as dogs can be.

Jerk It Out: True!

Then Jerk It Out and She Looks So Perfect P3 got so furious expecting enough cookies for themselves that they went towards Part of Me so fast that they knocked her down.

Hey Mama P2: This is unacceptable! Women must be treated as if nothing bad could happen to them at any cost! You've done it just to eat... How dare you!

Automatic Voice: Jerk It Out and She Looks So Perfect P3 are eliminated.

Not everyone could stand walking this way for too long. Girls Just Want to Have Fun was being very patient and didn't care about how the vulnerable beings were feeling.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Don't stop trying!

I Like It P2: I am too tired! Please!

GJWTHF: Not yet! Haha.

ILI P2: Oh, come on!

Then the annoyed man stood up and stole the food, but he was immediately punished.

Automatic Voice: I Like It P1 is eliminated.

HM P2: No cheating! Don't you attempt to!

There were some other girls messing up with the opposite gender so much that they... made them walk upstairs and downstairs like a dog, just to get anything to eat. Independent Woman made One Way Or Another get at the top of the stairs.

Independent Woman: Come on! It's so close!

But then she throw it downstairs, so that some other people got to it like a group of dogs, sharing its pieces before he even managed to come there.

One Way Or Another: Is this for real?

After the tiring tries to eat cookies, the moment for something to drink came.

Dance de Bakōn!: Want to drink? Ooops, I've dropped the bottle on the floor. Shall I...?

No sooner did she finish the question, a few "dogs" got to the bottle. Not everyone was even feeling enough to go drink something.

Blurred Lines P1: Man, I'm so done... I can't even walk anymore.

Blurred Lines P2: My knees, they are hurting so much!

However, there was somebody who felt some kind of compassion.

Just a Gigolo P2: Oh, how poor! I will give you both some milk!

Then the selfless woman came and cured them a bit. This day remained in the men memory as terrible.

The end of episode 14.

Episode 15 (How to Be a Woman Part 1)

After the nervous night following the way Hey Mama had treated the opposite gender, a man, who couldn't sleep at night, came up with an original idea.

I'm Your Man: Hey! There's something I need to tell you!

Blurred Lines P1: What's up?

IYM: I've been thinking about how to make the situation get better...

BL P1: What do you mean exactly?

IYM: Well, just follow me...

BL P1: Okay.

Blurred Lines P2: Can I go too? I don't wanna be left alone in case my friend is completely lost.

IYM: Sure, sure.

Then, when they were walking down the corridor, I'm Your Man knocked at Just a Gigolo P2's door's room. The charming beauty didn't need more than the first glance to be in love.

Just a Gigolo P2: Who is it here? Aww, how attractive are you!

IYM: Yes, I'm the one for you!

JAG P2: My goodness, just come in.

BL P2 (whispering): Psst... What about us?

IYM: Madam, can my these sweet guys come in too?

The woman didn't like that idea, but the look at them changed it as well.

JAG P2: Wait, I thought it was going to be just us... Nevermind! How sweet are you! Mmmm, I want you all! Feel welcome!

BL P1: Thanks, I guess, hah.

BL P2: Yeah, Hi. Also, thanks for helping us yesterday.

JAG P2: You're welcome. What's made you come to me?

Then I'm Your Man got on his knees.

IYM: Dear beauty. I want to be yours.

IYM (whispering to his companions): Hey, just do it too.

BL P1: Man, are you sick?

I'm Your Man didn't want to waste his chance, so he didn't insist on them too much.

IYM: Well, if you don't want to feel freer, I'm fine.

BL P2: Perhaps he's right, let's do it.

Then they followed him.

BL P1 and P2: Dear beauty. We want to be yours.

JAG P2: I'm feeling so wonderful because of you! How nice! What can I do for you in return?

BL P1: We're hungry.

IYM: Oh yeah, we are so hungry!

JAG P2: Right. I will request some food.

Then Just a Gigolo P2 rang Hey Mama's main servants.

JAG P2: I need 5 plates of chicken, potatoes, salads and 10 cups of tea now!

Hey Mama P1: Sure, madam.

BL P1: Yes, we're finally gonna eat!

BL P2: I know right!

Then the cheerful friends gave one another a high five. A couple of minutes later, the dishes arrived.

Hey Mama P1: There you are... Wait! Are these men in your room?

JAG P2: Of course not! These are my friends dressing up as men. We are having a tea!

Hey Mama P1: Alright. If anything concerning happens, please report it.

JAG P2: Fine. Now leave! Time keeps going!

Then the excited woman served the meals.

JAG P2: While you're eating... Can I show off my gorgeous dresses?

The happy group, having their need to eat fulfilled, didn't care what else could happen.

IYM: Yes, don't hesitate!

During the presentation, another plan came to I'm Your Man's mind.

IYM: Hey, lady! I've heard there is a secret meeting for women in 5 minutes! Would you like us to tidy your room?

JAG P2: I have not known that! Thanks for telling me! Yes, sure! I will be honored to have my room cleaned by you, gentlemen, instead of Hey Mama's numerous main servants!

IYM: Okay, let us do the good job, goodbye!

Just a Gigolo P2 left. The other guys were confused.

BL P1: Dude, what's wrong with you! Why would you want to do the cleaning?

BL P2: Yeah, we've come here to have a rest!

IYM: You don't know what's coming... Let's dress as women, do the make up and such things!

BL P2: Are you serious?!

IYM: It's all to feel respected and treated like others!

BL P1: Okay. Even though it's pretty clumsy, I think I'm in!

BL P2: Yeah. We only live once haha.

IYM: Great!

The end of episode 15.

Episode 16 (How to Be a Woman Part 2)

In spite of the idea being found quite awkward, it had to be done in order to live as normally as possible it was for them.

I'm Your Man: Let's have a look at the wardrobe! Before we do anything, we need to ensure we can fit any of these clothes.

Blurred Lines P1: Yeah, that's right.

Then they opened it, and the first glance was extremely funny.

Blurred Lines P2: Hahaha, I can't even...

BL P1: I guess I'll choose that green glittery jacket!

BL P2: You will look like a queen, hah.

BL P1: I'll try these high heels on.

BL P2: Do!

Then Blurred Lines P1 took them on. Then he tried to walk, but he fell down very fast, which made the others have a laughter.

BL P1: It'll be better if we wear flat shoes instead.

BL P2: True.

IYM: Guys, I know we are having much fun, but what if Just A Gigolo P2 suddenly returns? We'd better hurry up!

Then the boys dressed up. Blurred Lines P1 was wearing a short blue wig, a green jacket, a blue top, black pants and green pumps. Blurred P2 was wearing a very long brown wig, a silver tiara, a skinny drop waist light pink dress, silver thigh stockings, and light pink flat heels. Instead of another wig, I'm Your Man chose a yellow turban, a violet riding coat and yellow knee socks. All of them shaved their beards (if needed), using what the owner of the room used for her legs, and borrowed expensive jewellery.

IYM: Are we leaving?

BL P1: You must be joking! We need to get some dope make up!

The Blurred Lines coaches laughed, but I'm Your Man rolled his eyes, although not necessarily criticizing what they'd said. They entered the bathroom and Blurred Lines P2 threw some powder at P1's face, causing an amusing fight until they put enough of it on.

IYM: Oh, grow up. Watch the master put the make up on properly!

BL P1: Look, I'ma use a lipstick.

BL P2: Except you suck at doing this.

BL P1: Okay, so I'll completely use the pink one and you will have to use the silver one!

BL P2: No way!

Then P2 attempted to steal the red lipstick from his hands, but they ended up painting the mirror with it.

IYM: You two are acting like kids! Let's finish getting all dressed up!

Two minutes later, after calmly being done with other make up stuff.

BL P1: The world is waiting for us!

IYM: Ready, go!

Then the three fake girls left the room and went to the main part of the huge building, where the Hey Mama army was standing. Despite not feeling natural, they asked for food and drink confidently.

BL P2: I want vanilla and cherry ice cream with fresh apple juice!

BL P1: I wanna order a huge piece of cheesecake and a 1,5-liter bottle of milk!

IYM: I would like a tropical salad, a fresh bun with marmolade and pina colada!

Hey Mama P3: Noted. Your order shall come in 4 minutes.

BL P2: Thanks.

BL P1: So we are finally having something sweet!

After having eaten what they had got, it was everything I'm Your Man needed. However, the Blurred Lines dancers needed something more! Therefore, they decided to mock the servants, pretending to flirt with them and asking them to flatter the beauties.

BL P2: I am charming, aren't I?

HM P3: Yes, you are.

BL P2: I am fantastic, right?

HM P3: Of course, my majesty.

BL P1: Hey you! Would you propose to me?

HM P1: Sure.

BL P1: So, what are you waiting for?

Then Hey Mama P1 got on his knees.

HM P1: Beauty queen, will you...

BL P1: Hahaha, no!

BL P2: Bro, I'm dying!

HM P1: "Bro"?

This unfortunate moment could change everything, but they were too lucky.

BL P2: Oh, I'm sorry. These are our friendship sayings... Nothing suspicious.

HM P1: Oh, I understand.

Abusing the servants felt like the time of Blurred Lines' lives, but I'm Your Man realized it would be the best for them to get back to the room before its owner noticed what they had done. But it was too late... Just a Gigolo P2 opened the doors expecting to see their boys, but she noticed a messed up wardrobe they hadn't even bothered to close sufficiently enough and the bathroom, which wasn't alright as well. And she felt devastated being aware of her clothes' theft. The friends were walking getting closer to the room, but they noticed the angry woman on their way. Then the tension rose and were speechless. Oddly enough, it was not that bad.

Just a Gigolo P2: You! You girls've stolen my clothes! How did you even get in?

BL P1 (pretending to be gifted with a sweet girly voice): We are... sorry.

Just a Gigolo P2: It's not the end! I'm telling on you!

Then the crying girl went to Hey Mama P2 to report the supposed girls. By the time she had returned with Hey Mama P2, they changed their clothes back to the former ones and got rid of the make up with the water Blurred Lines P1 had received from the servants. She opened the door to show the disorder to Hey Mama P2, but they were just nicely sitting on the bed and they had got the room clean back again.

Hey Mama P2: Are these men the reason you have called me?

JAG P2: No. I've hired them...

HM P2: So?

JAG P2: My lovely clothes! They are gone!

Then she opened the wardrobe, but everything was in order and the items were back there. So Just a Gigolo P2 got speechless.

JAG P2: I... I... They also ruined my bathroom!

Then she opened the bathroom door, but again, everything was as it had been earlier. Then she got extremely embarrassed, and didn't have any idea what to do.

HM P2: Your story makes completely no sense... I'd advise you not to lie to me or I will be forced to eliminate you...

Then Hey Mama P2 opened the door to leave suggestively whispering "What a waste." and went away. After that, things for Just a Gigolo P2 felt too complicated that she asked a question loudly, not predicting any answer.

JAG P2: Am I blind?! What's going on with me?!

Just a Gigolo P2 facepalmed, and lacking any solution, went to sleep, at the same time her three men were silently laughing and thinking about the great time they'd had.

The end of episode 16.

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