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  • TheNyreeCano

    Well, I’m just gonna post my predictions here for Just Dance 2021. I’m not gonna take requests mainly because it’s my predictions.

    Song Artist Year Game Mode Difficulty Effort Square
    Adios EVERGLOW 2019 Dance Crew Hard Moderate
    A Prueba De Todo Valentina 2018 Solo Hard Intense

    Ciao Adios Anne-Marie 2017 Duet Medium Moderate
    Cover Girl RuPaul 2009 Solo Hard Intense
    Greedy Ariana Grande 2016 Trio Medium Low
    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk 2001 Solo Easy Moderate

    I’m Just Wild About Harry Morgxn 2020 Duet Easy Low

    Nana Banana Netta 2019 Solo Easy Low
    Onda Diferente Anitta Ft. Ludmilla, Papatinho & Snoop Dogg 2019 Solo Medium Intense
    Señorita Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello 2019 Duet Easy Intense
    That’s My Girl Fifth Harmony 2016 Dance Crew Hard Low
    There’s No Business Like Show Business* …

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  • TheNyreeCano

    I recently saw Roy Haylock’s blog about translating people’s comments using PROMT - Free Online Translator, and it looked very interesting, so I decided to try it out.

    But here’s a challenge. Try guessing what the quotes are! If you do, you will get a shoutout on my wall!

    I never am a father. We never saw that after straight; for cleaning. How could you get if I could all be because love is unable to come out, it works? He suffered from illness. That 's what you all do this class, not the state, to define generations of girls. For example, I. Perhaps I am arranged by this agreement, or he is very disgusted by it and only them. child. The goal is not all land before I do. She 's like kissing him.

    Original: ?
    Guessed by: ?

    If they are in hand, and …

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