It's baaaaaaack...

With a presumable JD2021 announcement coming soon with Ubisoft Forward on July 12, it's time for another round of the prediction game!

First of all, props to this year's winner: BiggestJustDanceFan16261320 with 4400 points! They correctly predicted Taki Taki, 7 Rings, Boy With Luv (RIP), Kill This Love, and the Taki Taki alt. Second place saw a tie between Trexy821 and Thiago Fernandes Ventura, who both barely missed the win at 4300 points each. Cat Wario, in third, was the only other person to cross the 4000-point mark. Congratulations to all!

As a whole, the JDWiki community's most-predicted songs were Con Calma and Taki Taki (9 guesses each), thank u, next (8 guesses), 7 Rings and Juice (5 guesses each), 365, God Is A Woman, and Sucker (4 guesses each). Out of our top eight songs, six made it on the game - go us!

(All this is barring another round of JDU releases for JD2020, of course - in which case I'll update this post if anything changes.)


Who wants to do this again?


Here's the rules for this year's edition of the prediction game:

  • You get ten guesses this time around. Hopefully this leads to some spicier guessing.
  • You'll rank your guesses in order of how likely you think they are to make the game; higher-ranked guesses earn more points, so get strategic with your ordering. A highest-ranked correct guess earns you 1000 points; lower ranks are progressively worth 50 fewer points, meaning tenth-ranked guesses are worth 550 points.
  • You also get to pick one song out of your ten that you think will get an alt - a correct guess here earns you an extra 1500 points. (This is the most valuable category!)

No changing your predictions after you submit, so choose wisely. Submissions will close when the first teaser or leak drops - any submissions after that won't count, so git yer guesses in quick!

There's also a new hot take category - this is for you to submit any assorted guesses or predictions you might have. This one's just for fun and won't earn you any points, but I'll share our most interesting or accurate hot takes when the JD2021 era ends.

Good luck!

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