I am making a mod for Our Dance Ex, which is a fan engine of Just Dance games, and I've decided to make a version where there'll be songs from Just Dance Now China, which I'm going to call it Just Dance: Vitality School Deluxe. And I know what you're thinking: "oH bUt MoDs Of JuSt DaNcE vItAlItY sChOoL aLrEaDy ExIsT fOr pC." Yeah, but this is different. I will be making updates where I collab with some of the greatest fanmade makers to make new Chinese songs, and I will be bringing songs from the main series over. Unfortunately, I can't bring every song to the mod, such as DeepGee, or Drinking Song, due to the videos not existing. Also if possible, can you give me the extractions to Real LoveBang Bang BangWhat The..., and all the other extractions of the game?

I am currently working on the demo, which will have Summer SweetieSummer VoiceHot Pot Cool, and Rock N Roll. I will give you guys more information about it. I am having a planned release date in late 2020 if you wanted to know. For more information, go to

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