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    Lately I've noticed many pages are missing Golden and Diamond avatars. Furthermore, many people don't know how to get them, which presents the question: How do you get these avatars?

    In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to get avatars like these:

    This works for ANY avatar. You can find numbers by going here:
    Use Ctrl+F to search for the name of the song you want, then look under "avatars". (Sadly, this only works for songs in-game, but the filename trick works as long as someone left the avatar name the same as the one from the JDNow server.)

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  • Tymewalk

    Fanmade Avatars!

    March 4, 2016 by Tymewalk

    Hi everyone!

    I made these using Scratch's vector editor for my game Avatar Clicker. Avatars that are made here will be added in-game, and those who suggested them will get credit when they're found.

    Sadly, to play the game and have your found avatars be saved you have to have a Scratch account. :(

    That doesn't mean you can't play though, just that whatever you do isn't saved.

    You can use these avatars as long as you give credit.

    Fill out this form:

    Avatar (specify which transformation, player, or mode, where neccessary):

    Would you like to be notified on your message wall?:

    Any special notes?:

    (Note that while you have to pick an avatar from the Just Dance main or Just Dance Wii series, it doesn't have to exist in-game.)

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