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    To finish my time here on the wiki I'll highlight my favorites from this year (music + movies). From the horrible events that occurred this year (deaths, shootings, tragedies), this year was indeed a hell of a rollercoaster. I personally loved this year apart from the fact the man who created my entire childhood, Stephen Hillenburg, passed away way too soon (it sucked a lot man...). There was a lot I wish I did in my life and lots I regret, but this year was definitely the year I changed the most compared to other. I've become a more social person at school, saw two of my favorite musicians live (Lana and Lorde), and expanded my music taste drastically. This year I grew better as a person and wish to improve upon that. That being said, I m…

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    I haven't really done a request giveaway in such a while, but lately, I've been inspired by this new art form that I came across on Reddit. I've seen it on The Weeknd reddit page, and I've been inspired to do something similar with the concept.

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    2 Years (Q&A)

    April 27, 2018 by ZodiacGiraffe

    I've joined this wiki 2 years ago on my couch because of some stupid blog I wanted to make. Flash foward to 2018, a lot has changed. I've meet so many online friends and matured along the way. I have my friends I can discuss music with (GetLuck, Mikey, etc.), I have friends I can just discuss almost anything with (JDisbae, Mikey, Sky, etc.), and friends to discuss fanmades with (JD4, JDisbae). This wiki has changed me a lot, and I can't describe how much y'all mean to me. I've discovered things that people have reccommended me, and I thank this community for all it's done for me. There's been some highs and some lows, but I keep coming back to this wiki because it's just a fun place to be in. Anyways, ask away! Just make sure to not get to…

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    Just Dance Illusion 3

    February 16, 2018 by ZodiacGiraffe

    (Note that all this is fanmade lol)

    ''Just Dance Illusion 3" is the third game from the Just Dance Illusion series. It features 40 tracks along with additional features. 

    Just like all the other previous games, you follow the coach and pictos in order to gain as many stars as possible.

    • Dance Party- Dance to the all the hits the classic Just Dance way.
    • World Dance Floor- Compete with dancers all over the globe with special modes like Tournament, Team Battle, and Song Vote. An additional mode was added called Score Mode which is similar to Spotlight, but there isn't any video required.
    • Playlists and Party- Similar to Dance Quests, 3 songs are put into a playlist that are in a specific theme. The mode will be featured in the Dance Party section.
    • Il…

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    Just Dance Illusion 2

    January 27, 2018 by ZodiacGiraffe

    Note: All the content on this blog is fanmade and made by me! If you want to see other projects and more about my Just Dance Illusion "game", this is the place where it begins. Since the game is complete (the classics, not alts) you can't request, but you can request soon in the near future ;) Anyways, I hope you enjoy these squares. Some are very old from August just in case you want to know why some look odd compared to others lol.

    • (C) indicates that the coach changes clothing during the routine.

    Fourty-two tracks are in game.
    Song Artist Year Mode Square

    Eleven routines are in game.
    Song Routine Mode Dancer(s)

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