Today marks 1 year of me creating my account on wiki, yay! I remember the day I created this account I thought, "Wow it's probably going to take a long time for me reaching one year." Anyways, I knew about this wiki since June 2013 and decided to join on this day last year. It has been an amazing journey meeting new friends (Sky , Misty, Heyppls , Bboy , Sandra , Fox (New account appearntly) , Flamur , Mikey , JDlover , Kafluffle , JD4 , Sato , JDLover12 , GetLuck , Stanley , JDisbae , Dan , Emma , Starbucks (inactive sigh..) , CGL , John , Math , Bunny , Someone and so many more people.) This wiki has gone through its ups and downs, and there is still many problems on this wiki (Spamming, Sockpuppets, PEOPLE WHO WRITE LIKE THIS, trolling, immaturity, people who try hard to be obsessed with something.) Even with these problems, I still enjoy this wiki.

-ZODI :)


Ask me anything you want, just don't get too personal. 

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