I've joined this wiki 2 years ago on my couch because of some stupid blog I wanted to make. Flash foward to 2018, a lot has changed. I've meet so many online friends and matured along the way. I have my friends I can discuss music with (GetLuck, Mikey, etc.), I have friends I can just discuss almost anything with (JDisbae, Mikey, Sky, etc.), and friends to discuss fanmades with (JD4, JDisbae). This wiki has changed me a lot, and I can't describe how much y'all mean to me. I've discovered things that people have reccommended me, and I thank this community for all it's done for me. There's been some highs and some lows, but I keep coming back to this wiki because it's just a fun place to be in. Anyways, ask away! Just make sure to not get too personal with the questions.

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