Hello everybody and welcome back to Dance Motion with your hosts, Zodi and JDLover12. Today, we have made it to episode two, yay! Today we are introducing World Dance Floor Mode. The little challenge in the game show is basically the World Dance Floor Experience in a game show. Now to our contestants!


JDMAvatarSato.png SatoTheDancer101USA
JDMAvatarMrmn1.png Mrmn1 Israel
JDMAvatarJDisbae.png JDisbae Australia
JDMAvatarStanley.png Stanley56 Poland
JDMAvatarAndrewLikesApples.png AndrewLikesApples Russia
JDMAvatarErich21.png Erich21 Romania
JDMAvatarSky.png TheSkyOfTomorrow UK
JDMAvatarIFosterI.png IFosterI USA
JDMAvatarBJDF.png BiggestJustDanceFan16261320 Canada

And the winner of the Song Vote is................




In first place we have Stanley, second we have AndrewLikeApples, and third Sky. Sadly today, Sato is begin eliminated today. The winner, Stanley, gets a VIP pass to the Motion Store for winning today's episode! He'll be able to get anything at a reduced price. More information about the score coming soon! In the meantime, congrats to the top three and congrats to everyone who submitted their scores. Stick tune for episode 3 and the Motion Store! ~ Your hosts

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