Welcome to the Hompage of Dance Motion hosted by ZodiacGiraffe and JDLover12! The game is basically based around dancing while completing many challanges. There would be time you played a WDF type of style, or a 1v1 against somebody. Anyway the show has many aspects which makes the show more exciting.


JDMAvatarMrmn1.png Mrmn1 Israel
JDMAvatarJDisbae.png JDisbae Australia
JDMAvatarStanley.png Stanley56 Poland
JDMAvatarAndrewLikesApples.png AndrewLikesApples Russia
JDMAvatarSky.png TheSkyOfTomorrow UK

                                                   Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Explosive Start

   Episode 2 - WDF Mode (Song Vote)

Episode 3 - Back In The Day

Episode 4 - Crazy Costumes

Episode 5 - WDF Mode (Beat The Boss)

Episode 6 - TBA

Episode 7 - TBA

Episode 8 - TBA

Episode 9 - TBA

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