Hello everybody Zodi here! Today I wanted to do another giveaway with a cool idea I had in mind. Basically you can choose 4 Just Dance songs (in alpahebetacal order or not) and tell me what you want it to look like. Here are three options.

Option 1 - ABC


Basically all the dancers are in ABC order. You can choose any order. 

  • Choose any 4 letters 
  • Choose the 4 songs to match
  • Line Colors (ex. light blue, purple, light blue)

Option 2 - Name


You can do your name, the dancers can be in alphabeatical order, or not. If your name has more than four letters, you can see option 3 to solve that problem.

  • Choose your name 
  • Choose your 4 songs
  • Line Colors

Option 3 - Word(s)


You can do words. If a word or your name you want has more than 4 letters, you can just tell me which parts you want split into two as seen above.

  • Choose your word
  • Choose your 4 songs
  • Line Colors

Anyways you can now request. If you want one and don't understand exactly, don't be afriad to ask me below! Thanks :D

Update: I know I haven't updated the blog in so long, but I'll give everyones request soon due to my summer break starting! :)

Credits to Dii for some backgrounds and JD4 for some albumcoaches!

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