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    Welcome to the first episode of the Just Dance ZoneYou will enter zones where you dance, make fanmades, or anything random! I am your host ZodiacGiraffe and let's meet the contests shall we.

    7-The-Great, MyLampIsBroken Safe

    BiggestFanEver101 Safe

    ChristinaGrimmieLove Safe

    CoolHarry64 Eli. - - - - - - - - -
    JDisbae Safe

    JDLover12 Win

    FalcoLombardi99 Safe

    Matusmati Win

    MistyMelissa  Safe

    Mrmn1 Safe

    Songotan25 Safe

    TheRealJakeGamerYT Eli. - - - - - - - - - Read more >
  • ZodiacGiraffe

    The Just Dance Zone is a gameshow with over 13 contestants were you go through many zones every episode, like the Sweet Zone (one of the planned episodes). You will dance, create fanmades, do mini challenges, and complete tasks in order to win the game. The challenge is to get through all the zones without begin eliminated. Good luck and requests are now open from December 8 - December 15 or until we get 13 contestants.

    It'll list all the information right here! Deadline You have until December 15 or until I receive 13 submissions. 

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    7-The-Great, MyLampIsBroken



    Tell yo…

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    Just Dance A

    November 21, 2016 by ZodiacGiraffe

    Just Dance A is the first game in the ZodiSoft series. It'll be released on December 17, 2016 on National Zodiac Day.

    • Backwards Mode- Are you up for the challenge? It is just like the same boring old scoring system, but if you get anything lower than a perfect, your score will drop depending on what you get
    • Lose That Weight Mode and Playlist: Lose That Weight Mode will help you lose all that weight you have from eating all those Big Macs. You get to choose you very own playlist or play non-stop.
    • DJ Mixer: Have a blast with DJ Mixer! It lets you create your very own mashups, song mixtures, and remixes!
    • JD Requester: Request a song to the ZodiSoft crew and they will make it.
    • World Players: It's basically Community Remix with a different name.
    • Shade Mod…

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