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World Dance Floor is a feature that was first introduced on Just Dance 2014 and that re-appeared on Just Dance 2015, Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017 (on all consoles), Just Dance 2018Just Dance 2019 (for 8th-gen consoles), Just Dance 2020 (for 8th-gen consoles and Google Stadia), Just Dance 2021, and Just Dance 2022. It is an online mode where players from around the world dance to songs and try to beat one another.

The feature made its first spin-off appearance in 舞力全开, where Chinese players can compete with other Chinese players in it.


Just Dance 2014

Basic Gameplay

With solo songs most of the time, there will be two teams that the player can pick. These divisions can be of various themes, such as Cats vs. Dogs and The Sun vs. The Moon. Whichever team wins by having the most total stars from whoever picked it will give those players 2-5 extra mojo coins. With Duets, Dance crews, and On-Stage modes, whichever dancer has the most total stars gives 2-5 extra Mojocoins to whoever played as them. Occasionally, players can vote for chosen songs to be played on the World Dance Floor. There are usually 2-4 songs to choose from, and they can be Sweat or Extreme routine, but they are almost always Solo (except for the Charleston Version of Starships for some consoles). If a Solo routine was voted for, there will be no team mode. If a player wins over the others, they will get a 2-6 Mojocoin bonus.

Private Parties

This feature is unavailable on the Wii. Players are generated to play with a certain amount of people for each song, making a "party". The more people in a party and the higher the player's score is, the higher the player's level will go.

Online Level

Players have an online level on their dancer cards which can be raised by playing this. Getting 5 stars on one song raises about 3-5 levels on the Wii. On other consoles, it all depends on your score rank and the number of people in your party. On the Wii and PS3, the highest a player can go is Level 1000 (which is written as "Max"), and the highest level on the other consoles is Level 9999. There are various avatars that can be rewarded for reaching a certain online level. There are estimated to be 25 avatars that can only be unlocked by online level.

Community Unlock

Players raise points as a community to unlock new songs or alternate modes so as to make them playable in the World Dance Floor.

Happy Hour

During a specific time of the period, after playing songs players will earn bonus Mojocoins.

Just Dance 2015

The World Dance Floor in Just Dance 2015 retains much of the features in the previous game. New to the mechanic are tournaments each month. Players will receive a number of tournament points based on their increased levels and world ranks.

Wii players are now able to partake in parties like the players for other consoles; However, they cannot send friend requests. Wii and PS3 players can also reach a level higher than 1000. The highest level anyone can reach is 5000, and if reached, it will be marked as "Elite".

Duets, Dance Crews and Trios are now available to be voted for whenever voting for songs takes place. If a Duet or a Dance Crew wins, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and 4 players must follow P1 of the song. If it is a Trio, then players must follow the lead dancer. On the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4’s camera, players can play whatever character they want on a voted multiple player routine, by standing in a certain position in front of the camera. On the remote consoles, it will say "(User), follow this dancer!" when a song starts. On the camera consoles, it will say "Get ready to own the dance floor!".


Players can play against certain VIP players (Ubisoft affiliates and celebrities). When a VIP dancer appears, a pre-recorded video appears on the top right, and their pre-played scoring process occurs while the players play the song. On the Wii, the video of the VIP will not play, and will instead display an icon.[citation needed]

Just Dance 2016

The features from Just Dance 2015’s World Dance Floor are recycled on this game. However, some modifications were made for the game. Some elements which are no longer related to the game, like messages about playing with VIPs, are still present.

Just Dance 2017

The mode returns to all consoles in Just Dance 2017. While the seventh-generation version of the Dance Floor reuses elements from its predecessor, the eighth-generation version includes new graphics and modifications. The theme song has now changed for the eighth-generation version of the Dance Floor, whereas it stays the same for the seventh-generation version.

All Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Nintendo Switch players can now play together at the same time. The PC Digital players can only compete with other PC players. The eighth-generation version has also removed team modes, and instead has song votes almost every round.

Move counter

At the end of each round, a move counter appears, displaying the number of YEAHs, PERFECTs, etc. earned. It also displays the highest streak of PERFECTs performed. After that, a leaderboard will show up showing the top three players, and where one ranked on the leaderboard.

Song Vote

Song Votes happen about 33% of the time and allow players to choose between two songs. Then the most voted one is played.


Players play 3 songs in a row. At the end of each song, the scores are shown twice, once for the song, the other for a combined score. The player with the highest combined score is the winner and the top three receive skins.

Weekly Tournament

Every Sunday at 7PM GMT (1PM EST), a weekly tournament is played where, instead of playing 3 songs, the participants compete in 8 songs. The player with the highest cumulative score is the winner and the top three receive skins.

Beat the Boss

A dancing boss is trying to defeat everyone’s high scores. The players’ job is to earn enough stars to defeat the boss by playing against it in a set of 1 to 3 songs. If they achieve to accomplish this feat, they will be rewarded with Mojo and an avatar of the boss. Note that Glitchy does not have an unlockable avatar.

Here is a list of bosses that appeared on the World Dance Floor:

  • Glitchy
  • Lazer Cat
  • Rocket Cat
  • Keytar Cat
  • TwoTeeth
  • Grumpy Ghost
  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Mr. Chef Claws
  • Jimi Sea Horse
  • OctoDrum
  • Super Santa
  • Figgy Snow Rider
  • Snowman
  • Billy the Leek
  • Miss Healthy
  • Big Red
  • Archer of Love
  • The Lovely Gift
  • The Red Queen
  • Counselor Giraffus
  • Leporld the Jester
  • King Jumbo
  • Muchacharacas
  • Muchachopeta
  • Muchachotarra

Happy Hours

During specific time periods, players will be able to dance to songs that are available on Just Dance Unlimited online with other players. This feature is now playable daily (instead of weekly) as of October 13, 2017.

Spotlight Player

Players compete with someone from the World Video Challenge and try to beat their score. If they manage to do so, they will get a certain amount of Mojo (the harder the opponent is, the higher the Mojo awarded, up to 7500).

Just Dance 2018

Although the 7th Gen keep the recycled sets since, not much has changed from the previous game for the 8th Gen. Weekly tournaments and bosses reappear. However, if you don't score, a dancer will not appear on the score screen. The new additions are the redefined Team Battles, where all dancers are equally divided into Red Team and Blue Team, and Seasonal Ranking, where after each song, players earn points based on how well they did. The Spotlight Player feature disappears since there's not a World Video Challenge mode on Just Dance 2018 anymore.

Here is a list of bosses that currently appear on the World Dance Floor as of now:

  • Monkey King
  • Earth Dog
  • Fire Rooster

Just Dance 2019

This World Dance Floor is only on 8th generation consoles, as 7th-gen online was removed on November 19, 2018. It features the same aspects from Just Dance 2018, but with little tweaks such as a different shade of blue for the menu, the new font from the game’s main menu, a white bar at the bottom of the UI and player country flags now appearing as a circle instead of a rectangle.

Just Dance 2020

The World Dance Floor retains an 8th generation exclusive and keeps the same features and aspects from Just Dance 2019 with a few changes: the background returns to a more pale blue like Just Dance 2018, song covers now appear as a square with rounded corners same akin to the game’s main menu instead of the Just Dance 2018 style and the mojo and challenges indicators now appear as a notification on the top right of the results screen of instead of a separate screen.

Just Dance 2020 introduced a new mechanic for adding new content called "seasons", which change the World Dance Floor bosses and adds a new kind of tournament tied to a specific theme every time a new season is ongoing.

Here is a list of bosses from each season:

Just Dance 2021

Stylistically, the World Dance Floor is similar to Just Dance 2020’s, but the background color is that of Just Dance 2019. However, of the past features, only Tournaments (excluding Weekly Tournaments) are present in this game; weekly rankings, team battles, song votes, and Beat The Boss have all been removed. Notifications have been removed from the bottom of the screen, and the screen showing the play statistics is not displayed immediately. However, certain aliases can be unlocked from here.

There are three different "Rooms" in the World Dance Floor which players will be sorted into depending on their skills and how many maps they play in a row:

  • Chill Panda (Beginner)
  • Fabulous Hippo (Intermediate)
  • Fierce Deer (Expert)


Like in Just Dance 2020, The World Dance Floor is the same as in that game. Only, the background is the same as 2019-2021-2022's World Dance Floor and Glitchy is the only boss that appears during boss battles.

Just Dance 2022

The style of the World Dance Floor is the same as in its predecessor, except the error with the screen showing duration of play has been fixed; besides, as opposed to the two previous Just Dance titles, players can unlock avatars and alternate routines directly from the World Dance Floor.



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